Friday, February 21, 2014

Lucy Jean @ 12 months

* Started Crawling February 11th

* First Airplane ride Feb 6th
* First time to Disneyland
* Loves putting on necklaces
* Loves and smiles and people but just started getting a little stranger danger when people want to hold her
* Started drinking Whole Milk (has to be warm)
* Hates wearing bows 

Still thinks her brother Lucas is pretty cool
Bows are to wear not toys

Loves going down slides

Loves putting on Necklaces

Lucas playing in the dryer
Lucy's first flight and First time heading to Disneyland

Airplane ride

Welcome to Disneyland!
Princess Lucy

Walking right down the middle of main street!

Lucy loved the Carousal 
Disney Characters were a hit  with both kids

Dumbo Ride..... Pure Love

First Valentines Day

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lucy Jean @ 11 months

 * Started pushing backwards (She wants to move/crawl so bad)
* Found her voice
* Got her 3 tooth on the bottom left (7 teeth)
* First Christmas and New Years
* Does not like to stand
* Her bother Lucas got potty trained *YEAH!

First Christmas

Abigail and Lucy

Lucy loves Swimming

First News Years Eve!

Lucy Playing with Millie

Loves daddy

Ice Castle where we saw Olaf who likes warm hugs

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lucy @ 10 Months

* Lucy loves big people food
* Pushes away food she does not want
* Cutting her 4th top tooth
* Can push backwards on her tummy, Showing a little bit of interest in crawling
* Loves looking at books
* Hair is starting to fill in
* Favorite foods... Bananas, Yogurt, Cherrios
* Loves taking off her socks
* Can say HI and wave
* She can clap
* Says Mom and Dad

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lucy @ 9 months

Lucy Jean @ 9 months
Weight: 15 pounds (3%)
Length: 26 inches (7%)
Head 17 inches (50%)

*Started sitting up in the bathtub all by herself
* Lucy was Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph 
* First time swimming at the Rec Center. Lucy loves the water as much as her brother.
* We started feed Lucy a little bit of table food
* Aleisha and I paint Lucy toes for the first time.... Lets just say it takes two of us to do it!
* Lucy had a clogged eye duct since she was born and we hopped it would unclog its self but after 9 month we need to get it fixed. It was pretty sad to hear her cry as she got it unclogged but hopefully that did the trick.
* Lucy got her 5th and 6th tooth on the top

Last time playing at the park before the cold weather hit

Sitting like a big girl in the bath

Visiting Grandma at work on Halloween

Lucy's Best Friend Charlotte

Lucy's Cousin Abigail

Wreck Ralph Family on Halloween

First time swimming 

Visit with the Old Folks

Bath Time!

First time eating a strawberry with Chocolate of course

Painted her Toes

After her eye appt

Lucy Jean