Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

A much needed date night!!! Aaron and I got to see the Musical Mary Poppins at Capital Theatre and all I can say is AMAZING! We loved it and would highly recommend to go see it!
We got to eat dinner at Benihana and our Chef was awesome he made a egg that looked like a chicken and spelled out I LOVE YOU with our fried rice! We could not ask for anything more :)

Swiss Days comes but once and year....

This year my dad joined my mom and I up at Swiss days so he could eat some yummy Swiss food with us! They have huge scones that taste so delicious, even Lucas enjoyed it! My dad was so good to haul Lucas on his back while me and my mom did a little shopping. I got some great things (mostly for Lucas) up at Swiss Days!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Nights Look like this...

A happy little Lucas running through water!

Right by our house they put in a splash pad and its been a hit with Lucas. He loves the water even when he gets cold he just keeps on going.

Lucas lets daddy know he was all done by crawling to his feet.