Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Warm December......

Okay, so in this picture Aaron and I tried to think of the CHEESIEST pose to take a picture
I think we Succeed!

The night before we left for Hawaii we had our Christmas at my family’s house. Aaron and I opened up all of our Christmas gifts before we left so we could decide what we wanted to take with us on our trip. One of my favorite gifts I got was Slipper Socks because my toes get so cold. Aleisha was fortunate to get some too!
We wanted to do something really special for my parents to say thanks for all they have done this year and for making it happen to take us to Hawaii. Aaron came up with a great idea to rent them a Harley Davidson Motorcycle to cruise around the island for a day. My parents loved their gift! My Aunt Carmen rented a Harley for James and the four of them went riding around Maui for the day!

Aaron already posted what happened up until Sunday so I will continue from there….

Sunday December 21
The Hardy Family arrived safely last night and to start our Hawaiian vacation together we woke up early Sunday morning to watch the sunrise and to go snorkeling. We took a boat to two different areas to snorkel. In the first stop was in a cove with beautiful fish everywhere. I was a little nervous, being my first time snorkeling. I didn’t like the feeling of the mask covering my face. Lets just say I’m a little claustrophobic. Aaron on the other hand was a pro at it and was swimming all around and loved snorkeling. I have never seen him so happy! Our next stop was Turtle Village, which is a place where all the sea turtles hang around. These sea turtles were huge and so neat to look at. Our snorkeling Trip was awesome and I think Aaron enjoyed this excursion the most!

Monday December 22
My mom gave us a gift every day for the count down before Christmas and Sunday we got tubes to go play in the ocean so we decided to try them out today. We paddled our way out to the waves and had a great time!
Our gift we got today for the count down before Christmas was dinner at Bubba Gumps and we each got $25 to shop with on Front Street.

Tuesday December 23
Today my Parents, James and Carmen rented Harleys and cruised around Maui! As for us kids we walked down to Black rock, which was probably about 1 mile away from our Hotel and went cliff jumping. Kenzie and I stayed on the beach to watch and take pictures of them.
For dinner, Aaron and I treated our family to pizza and then we went up to the Hardy’s Condo to Play Dumb Dots (aka Domino’s).

Wednesday December 24
It was so nice in Hawaii because we really didn’t have any schedule to keep. We would just get up go for a run on the beach come home and put on our swimsuit and go play in the sun the rest of the day. For the count down for Christmas we got our Christmas Eve PJ’s and played chimes with the Hardy’s. Aaron ears could not stand the ringing of the chimes and it gave him a really bad headache. But the rest of us enjoyed it!

*Playing Chimes and James was our Leader
Thursday December 25
Aleisha woke us up at 6:30 to open gifts and we were not as excited as she was. Aaron and I watched as they opened Christmas presents and then happily went back to sleep afterwards. My mom made a yummy Christmas breakfast with Mickey Mouse waffles. The Hardy Family came and ate breakfast with us. We had an amazing day just enjoying Maui. We went to dinner on Front Street at Cheeseburger in Paradise! Yes, the food is as delicious and it sounds!

Friday December 26th
Today was by far my favorite day! Today we took a boat out and went whale watching and were lucky enough to even see spinner dolphins that came up right beside our boat. The whales were so amazing to watch and to see them hangout right at the surface of the water. A group of whales actually stayed right at the surface and waved there fins at us and then dove down and put their huge tail in the air. We finished our adventure with dinner at Leilani’s and enjoyed the best Hula Pie. It’s a delicious ice cream cake with cookie crust. Let’s just say we ate there so many times we had the same waiter more than once!

Saturday December 27th
Okay, so as you see every day is pretty much laying and playing in the sun and eating. So today was no different. We ate lunch at Cool Cats and then Aleisha and I got custom toe rings. Later that night Aleisha and I went to a musical production about the Hawaiin Culture and Dance. Aaron opted out of coming and so we made it a sister’s night.

Sunday December 28th
Going home is never fun, but I guess the fun has to end sometime. Aaron and I were both excited to see our little dog Jackson.

*The Girls*

*We were welcomed with lei's*

*Gecko's Fighting*
Our Hawaii Trip was an amazing adventure and we had such a fun time with our family! My mom has always said a family that plays together stays together and I truly believe that statement. I love our family trips!