Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our little guys was a bubble bee and looked so cute! Sadly Aaron was sick so we didn't party to long at my parents house but we did have the traditional stew that my dad makes every Halloween.
Aaron was Alan from the Hangover

My dad making the stew
Aleisha was a Charlie's Angle Lucy Liu
My mom enjoying some pie
Justin and Jessica played an awesome Wayne and Garth

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack Johnson & Andy Sandberg

Check out this video of Jack Johnson's "At Or With Me" featuring Andy Sanderberg from SNL, two of my favorite people.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain Rain go away.....

On Saturday I was so excited to go to a pumpkin patch, It had trackers, hayrides and even a corn maze. We sadly pulled up to a muddy, rainy pumpkin patch. We took pictures from inside the car. We were meeting Aaron's family there and decided to go indoors to the mall and hangout.
The Hayride

This is my little niece Morgan on the carousal

My new little nephew Conner
Grandpa Mike was intown and Lucas was dressed up for halloween
Aaron feeding Lucas and Jessica feeding Conner. The boys are 3 weeks apart

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Betty White?

I had the honor of doing JC's, I mean Betty White's HAIR yesterday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gardner Village

Brooke and her little boy Jake went with us to Gardner Village on Thursday. It was so busy with Kids and mom's running around but we had fun walking around and looking at the decorations. It was fun with our boys!

Brooke and Jake
We got a yummy treat!
Poor Lucas was directly in the sun for the picture.

Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Months


2 Months Stats
Height: 23.5 Inches
Weight: 12 lbs 15 ounces
Head: 41.5 cm

He is smiling like crazy and cooing (We LOVE this)
He notices things around him
He is very strong
He does not fit into his newborn clothes anymore (sad)
He is sleeping pretty well
He has fussy time usually at night but we think its because of his upset stomach
He loves going on walks everyday with his little dog Jackson
He LOVES his bath time

Ouch! We got his shots today and it was so sad! I made Aaron hold him and they were both not happy.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Birth Story of Lucas

8 days overdue and anxiously awaiting our son’s arrival. Our little boy was way to comfortable inside my tummy he didn’t want to come out without a little help. I was scheduled to be endued on Wednesday August 18th and Dr Lloyd gave me the first appointment at 5:00 am which I was happy to take. Dr Lloyd has been in our family for years he actually delivered me 27 years ago and now he was delivering my first child.
5:00 am could not come soon enough. I woke up at 1:00 am and tried to go back to sleep but I could not stop thinking about our exciting day, the unknown. As Aaron and I drove to the hospital we kept mostly quite with a smile on our face knowing that we were going to be parents before the day would end. We looked at each other and it felt surreal. We arrived at Intermountain Medical Hospital at checked in and they took us to our room, it was really big and nice. I got into my hospital gown and they hooked me up to the monitors. My mom shortly arrived at 5:30 with a red bull for her and Aaron. I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced when I got to the hospital. They started me on pitocin by 6:00 am. My nurse took really good care of me and was awesome from the start. I choose to get my epidural before they broke my water and that was around 8:00 am. I started crying when I got the epidural, I think it was because of the unknown and he told me every little thing that was going to happen while he was putting it in. For example, he said I would hear a pop and then a twitch through my leg and as I lay curled up in a ball and having contractions I started to cry. Dr Lloyd came in right after I got my epidural and broke my water. Dr Lloyd said it should take me about 6 hours before I start pushing so we all started taking bets. I said 1:30 pm, my mom thought around 2:30 pm and Aaron guessed 12:30 pm…. Yes Aaron won!

My mom and Aaron went and rented a movie in the lobby, Horton Hears a Who, which we all fell asleep while watching. It was so nice to have an epidural because I could still move my legs and feel pressure but no pain. All of a sudden around 11:30 am the nurse came in and checked me and said you are dilated to a 10 and can start pushing soon. My little sister Aleisha was at work and really wanted to be there so my mom called her and said you better come now she is going to start pushing. I started pushing right before noon and he was born at 12:39 pm He was a big boy and I have the scars to prove it. No one knew how big he was going to be until his head came out. I did get a episiotomy but and then I tore also. I had a third degree tear. It took Dr Lloyd about 25 mins to stitch me back up but I was so distracted by this amazing little guy that was on my chest. The first thing I noticed was his big beautiful mouth and his cute little nose. It was such an amazing experience to give birth I really did love it up until I started feeling the pain. They took out the epidural and put me into a wheelchair to take me up to my room and as I was sitting there I started to feel really sick, hot and then I started to feel the pain. I had drank like 6 glasses of water after I had little Lucas because I was so thirsty. All of a sudden I said I think I’m going to throw up and sure enough the nurse had a bag in front of me and I threw up all my water I just drank. Soon after that I started to get dizzy and soon passed out but the nurse hurried and put a smelling thing under my nose to bring me too. They got me up to my room and we had these nurses I like to call Twiddle Dee and Twiddle dumb. I was honestly in so much pain and I had to ask them 3 different times if I could have my pain medication. They did this welcome thing and the whole time I was thinking I just need my pain medication. Finally after another 40 mins she came back in and gave me the medicine and then she had to take me to the bathroom. Oh my gosh the pain was so intense walking into the bathroom I was crying the whole time. And then once again I passed out and the nurse had to catch me and call Aaron in there to help me. Once the pain meds kick in it was so nice and I could just enjoy the moment. Aleisha and my mom went to go pick up food for them and Aaron and while they were gone we got the cutest nurse to come and help us give Lucas his first bath. Her name was Erika and she was so nice and knew what she was doing. We requested her after that and it was so nice to have someone so knowledgeable with everything. It was such a good family moment to hold him after he was all clean and just enjoy it. Aaron is such an amazing man he was right there making sure I was okay and helping with Lucas. I cant believe you have so much love for our cute little guy and could love Aaron even more then I already do. I’m so blessed. I’m getting the hang of my little guy and healing up lets just say every day gets better and better.

First Bath
Just got there and getting ready to get hooked up to the monitors
My mom arrived and documented how early it was
My mom brought Aaron a Red Bull
Lucas little bed

Aaron holding him for the first time

This is what I first saw his huge mouth

Dr Lloyd

Grandma Kim
Auntie Aleisha