Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Addition to our Family

Aaron and I have been so busy and stressed out with things decided that we needed a getaway for a night so we ventured up to Park City on Saturday. Saturday morning Aaron had his radio show and I went with my mom and sister up to Heber to see my cousin Hunter get baptized. After that Aaron and I met at the outlet mall and did a little shopping. One of our main goals for our shopping trip was to get Aaron swimsuits for our Hawaii trip next month. We ended up getting him 3 new ones and spent like $15 a piece for them. It was nice that most of the stores were trying to get rid of their swim suites. We enjoyed dinner at Baja Cantina and dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We got to our hotel and just relaxed the whole time. We went hot tubing and swimming in the nice warm pool, watched movies, caught up on Prison Break, and I made Aaron do a facemask with me. I took a picture but he said he would be mad at me if I put it on the blog so I wont. I realized that for me it’s nice to getaway because at home I feel like I have to be cleaning or doing something but when I’m at a hotel I can just sit and not worry about anything.

Aaron and I woke up to a text that announced that we were officially Aunt Carissa and Uncle Aaron. Aaron sister Jessica and her husband Ryan had their baby Sunday morning. They had a girl and named her Morgan Robinson! After we checked out of the hotel we drove down to Provo to see our new little niece. She was so tiny and precious. It was so cute when Aaron was holding her because he got so emotional looking at her. It was honestly so touching to see him hold this little baby. When we left the hospital we got so excited for us to have a family, but for now we will just have to spoil our new little niece.

Blast from the Past

My mom and I for Halloween thought it would be fun to put on my old cheer uniforms and have some Halloween spirit. I think my dad and Aaron were entertained by our cheers we kept preforming. Haha


Doing Spirit Fingers