Friday, December 16, 2011

Father Christmas

So my expectation of Lucas' meeting Father Christmas didn't go as planned. Lucas was a little scared to sit on his lap he cried the whole time. Father Christmas did make it special when I went to get him off his lap, Father Christmas said now have him look at me and say goodbye and Lucas waved goodbye to him. Maybe next year we'll have less tears!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walking Lucas at 15 months

This little monkey decided to break in his walking skills on Friday December 2, 2011. It only took 6 months of crawling to pull this skill off! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 Months

Lucas' 15 month check up
Weight 31.5 (62%)
Weight 24 lb (53%)
Head 49 cm (92%) No wonder he is not walking yet he is top HEAVY

What is Lucas' up to...

* He is really good at signing things to me this is what he knows: more, please, eat, drink, all done, & milk
* He loves to stand on his head
* Loves going down slides
* He can walk while holding onto 1 hand
* He has learned to go up and downstairs which helps when we go to Grandma Kim's house
* Loves watching baby Einstein (its crack for babies)
* LOVES music
* Strums his Guitar (Yes Aaron gave him one of his Guitars)
* Wears size 3 diapers
* He is wearing 18 to 24 months shirts but still fits better in 12 month pants
*Loves his walker especially taking it outside and running free. He is a true boy with scratches on his knees from falling but never cries only when its time to come inside.
* He always hands me his blankets when I come in to get him from his crib, he is such a sweetheart
* Still has 2 naps a day but sometimes 1 nap. Its kinda awkward right now trying to figure that out what he needs.
* He is exploring more and more and trying to figure things out

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My little WILD THING

Halloween 2011
Age: 1
Max "Where the Wild Things are"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I don't know why but I have not had the time to blog and as soon as I sit down, I really don't want to write anything. I hate to fall behind in blogging because I don't want to forget what happened during the month. I always look back on past blogs to look up information or pull off a picture that I need. This is my attempt to update on all the things that happened last month...

What's going on in Lucas' world...

1. Clapped for the first time
2. lift up his feet so I could put on his socks.... he is so smart
3. Said goodbye to formula and hello to whole milk
4. No more baby food
5. Signed please and said PLEEZE
6. Can say JACKSON
7. Went down the big yellow slide at the fair
8. Got 2 more teeth on the bottom
9. He started sitting forward facing
10. Played at the Gateway fountains

11. Lucas got his first black eye when he was walking along a desk and pulled out a drawer and smacked himself in the eye.

Lucas is really growing up so fast its crazy how a few days can make him seem older and even look more like a boy and not a baby. Lucas is really the happiest little kid I know and really is so fun to watch him play. He is taking his 2 naps a day and sleeps at least 10 to 12 hours a night. He is really a good sleeper.

Aaron started his new job in July working for The Utah State Fairpark as the Marketing Director. The Fair went from September 8-18th and Aaron was working from 5:00 in the morning till 12:00 at night. It was a brutal 10 day working atmosphere but it was a fun to see Aaron in action.
Yes, Aaron got his own golf cart to run around the fairpark!
Lucas loved the goats, they made him giggle!
Lucas was decked out in his JOHN DEERE cowboy boots!
Auntie Leish came to the Fair with us a few times!

By far the coolest thing at the fair... THE BIG YELLOW SLIDE!!! I loved riding it and I even took Lucas down it a couple times! I think he liked the walk up more than the ride down.
Grandma Kim took him on the PONY RIDE!
And what would the Fair be without DEEP FIRED OREO"S... YUMMY!

Aaron was in a car wreck and our little black car was totalled. Aaron was driving home from work and a guy ran a stop sign and Aaron t-boned him. Aaron got bad whiplash so he has had a lot of neck pain but hopefully his neck will get better. We had to say goodbye to our old friend, good times and memories!
Our loss of our little black car resulted in us buying a new car a Mazda CX-9!!!
Hello car payment!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

A much needed date night!!! Aaron and I got to see the Musical Mary Poppins at Capital Theatre and all I can say is AMAZING! We loved it and would highly recommend to go see it!
We got to eat dinner at Benihana and our Chef was awesome he made a egg that looked like a chicken and spelled out I LOVE YOU with our fried rice! We could not ask for anything more :)

Swiss Days comes but once and year....

This year my dad joined my mom and I up at Swiss days so he could eat some yummy Swiss food with us! They have huge scones that taste so delicious, even Lucas enjoyed it! My dad was so good to haul Lucas on his back while me and my mom did a little shopping. I got some great things (mostly for Lucas) up at Swiss Days!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday Nights Look like this...

A happy little Lucas running through water!

Right by our house they put in a splash pad and its been a hit with Lucas. He loves the water even when he gets cold he just keeps on going.

Lucas lets daddy know he was all done by crawling to his feet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thanks for swinging by....

Lucas' had his 1st Birthday party on August 20th and the theme was Sock Monkey! I don't know why I have been obsessed with Sock Monkey's before this little man was born. His first Sock Monkey was from his Aunt Aleisha she gave it to him at the hospital.


The Birthday Party Begins...

Birthday Boy

The Dessert table
Cake & Cupcakes from Parson's Bakery
Swedish Fish
Carmel Corn

I made Lucas' hat

The Menu
Pulled Pork sandwiches
Chips & Dip
Veggie Tray
Pasta Salad

The Drink Table with Fresh Squeezed Limeade

The Cake
We sang to Lucas the Hardy way and it made him cry. I guess we was not ready for off key singing. haha!

The clean up

The Guests
Mom & Dad - Baby Einstein DVD
Carol & Barbara - Books
The Robinson's - Aunt Jessica, Uncle Ryan, Cousin Morgan & Connor - Puzzles
Great Grandma Hardy - Pop up Books
Grandma Kim & Grandpa Brian - Little Tikes Car
Aunt Aleisha - Converse High tops
Uncle Justin & Aunt Jessica - Tonka Trucks
Nick Collins (Aleisha Boyfriend) - U of U shirts
The Hardy's - Carmen, James, JC & Austin - Little Peoples car
Todd & Melissa - Hawaiian Airplane
The Walkers - Thomas the Train Book

I got some great ideas from these blogs and websites: