Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas in Hawaii

We were so Lucky to be able to go to Hawaii this year for Christmas! My parents surprised us with airplane tickets as our Christmas present this year. They didn't want to go without the whole family and so they made it happen and we are very grateful. We left Thursday December 16th and came home on Monday morning December 27th. My little Lucas did really well on the plane hardly fussed at all (plus I was ready with bottle, binky, toys, and his fuzzy blanket in hand) I didn't want to have a screaming baby on the plane. My butt was numb because when he fell asleep I didn't want to move to wake him up but it was so worth a numb bum to go the Hawaii!
Aaron had major problems with his mouth and was in a lot of pain right before we left. His filling fell out a couple weeks before Hawaii but we didn't have Dental insurance until the first of the year so I told him to take a man pill and just make sure to floss and keep it clean and then you can get it fix once our insurance kicks in. Well that worked up until the day before we left and he started to fell pain in his jaw and then we noticed it became infected Wednesday night. By this time it was to late to go to the Dentist and we could not change his flight. He was in so much pain so at the airport we called our Dentist office and talked with Kathy and told her the story and she was able to call in a prescription to the Maui pharmacy to tie Aaron over until we got back. So the lesson is that Aaron always needs to have Dental Insurance and to not wait if you have a trip coming up......Lesson learned.

We arrived late Thursday night just in time to get to the hotel eat dinner and fall asleep. We stayed in Kihei for 3 nights until we could check into our timeshare at the Marriott in Lahaina. Our Kihei Hotel was so awesome and fun! It was so fun exploring another part of the island.

Saturday morning we woke up at 3:30 am so that we could make it to the top of Haleakala Volcano to watch the sunrise. We loaded little Lucas up and he stayed asleep the whole drive up there. Little did we know that the it would be freezing cold. We all wore shorts and t-shirts thinking "Hey, its Hawaii" and frozen. Lucky I had brought a bunch of blankets for Lucas so we all wrapped up in those. The sunrise was beautiful and I'm so glad we did it.
My mom is wrapped up in Lucas swaddle blanket!
My dad didn't arrive in Hawaii until Saturday so on Sunday when we loaded up the van with all 6 of us plus a Lucas in his car seat and headed over to The Marriott. Our van was jam packed with our stuff and not to mention we had to stop at Costco to pick up food for the week and lets just say we were bulging at the seems.

Last year when Aaron and I went to Maui a few days before the family got there and we stayed at Napili Shores and discovered a hidden gem. This cute little gazebo that has the best breakfast around. This year we all went over to enjoy us some macadamia pancakes and coconut syrup. Delicious!

This crowd was always in the water playing in the ocean waves. They thought this was the best at night because you could not even see the waves coming and it would throw you to the ground.
JC, Justin, Erica Sellers, Aaron and Joe

Hot Tubing
Dad, Carissa, Austin, Erica, Aleisha, JC and Aaron

View from our Marriott Hotel Condo

This is the beach by Kihei

Lucas taking a nap by the pool in his this little portable bouncer chair

The beach, Aaron cant get enough of the ocean!

How cute is out little man all ready for the pool!

He loved the sand

He was a naked man and just loved it!

Giving Lucas a bath in the sink! We told my cousin Kenzie that we put him in the sink and she was like why didn't you lay him down in the bathtub and I said "can you"? I just always thought the tub would be to hard on his head. Well I was corrected when we put him in the bathtub the next night and he LOVED it! He was splashing all over.

We fed Lucas his first solid foods in Hawaii
He didn't know what to think at first

Yes! We were so proud!

My mom brought the game bingo and we could win prizes. There was a Chevron, Subway, Rumbi's, Texas Roadhouse gift cards. It was so fun! It's always a party with my mom around.

I thought this picture was cool of Aleisha playing on the beach

We went and ate at Kool Kats
The Scooter Ride!
Austin, Aleisha, Justin, Dad, Mom and Aaron

I stayed back at watched Lucas but they stopped by the hotel and let me drive it around for a bit.

We went and got Ice Cream on Front Street

Playing in the Ocean on the Tubes

On Christmas Eve we went to Cheeseburger in Paridise but Lucas did not like the loud music so Aaron and I took Lucas and went at ate at somewhere with not so much noise.

Christmas morning we went for a Holiday run. We got all dressed up and ran as a group.

Christmas Morning
Lucas in his Christmas PJ's
Jussy so tired
Dad and mom making breakfast

This is my favorite thing to do in Hawaii go Whale Watching. I just love it so much so Aaron stayed back so I could go. Aaron got me a new lens for my camera and I got some really good pictures.

Aleisha took Lucas into the pool for the first time. I think it was a little to cold for his liking.

My little man smiling, He is a pretty smiley baby
Genevieve checking out Lucas, She will be a great older sister!

Daddy took a nap while we went shopping the last day in Hawaii