Monday, April 28, 2008

What's Cook'n Good Look'n!

To start the summer out right, Aaron and I bought our first BBQ a few weeks ago and we have been cooking up a storm every since. We have made steak, chicken, hamburger and our favorite kebabs. We have found the best meat place on 500 south and go there all the time to pick up our next delicious meal. They even make twice-baked potato’s, my favorite!

On Sunday we had my family over for BBQ, even Justin drove down from Logan to eat with us. After dinner we played our Wii and let's just say, let the games begin. My mom was fun to watch because she would get so into it, especially playing tennis.

Jackson stayed entertained by destroying a Pepsi box.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Salt Lake Marathon

On Saturday April 19 a group of us took part in the Salt Lake Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k and bike ride.
These are who participated in what category: Marathon 26.2 miles- My uncle Scott, my mom and dad; Half Marathon 13.1 miles- My cousin Kenzie; 5k 3 miles – My Aunts Carmen, Kelly Sue, and Melissa, My Uncles, James and Todd, My Brother Justin and his friend Matt and myself; Bike Ride – My Uncle Matt!
Saturday was full of happy and achy memories, but we all started and finished what we set our minds to do. My mom did her personal best Marathon and came in under 5 hours, congrats mom you are amazing! Sadly I didn’t get everyone’s picture cause I had to go to work, but here are a few pictures from our fun day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What happened this week

Homework, homework, and some more homework. Aaron has been really busy with finals coming up and our little dog Jackson decided that he needed to help Aaron with his homework by sitting on him, which turned out not to be so helpful! Aaron has had papers due, presentations to give and tests to take, but he is almost done with his first semester at the University of Utah. Aaron starts back with school for the summer on May 13. Jackson got a hair cut this week, he is such a cute little man!
Aaron and I babysat our neighbors baby, Bailie for a few hours on Monday night. She was so adorable and fun to play with!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Sand Hollow State Park

St George was a fun and relaxing weekend! We arrived on Friday night and stayed at the new hotel called the Hilton Garden Inn. It was really nice and clean, which is always a plus for me. Right when we got there we enjoyed the sun by going to the pool! Saturday morning we had such a good time, we went rollerblading and longboarding on a cute path along the Virgin River. The weather was so nice and beautiful so we took advantage of wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We went to the pool when we got back and laid around and read our books. Aaron took a break from reading schoolbooks and started reading For Whom the Bells Toll, and I finished up the last book of the Twilight serious, Eclipse. I think my favorite book out of all 3 was New Moon, which I know a lot of people did not like, but it kept me the most interested and intrigued. After laying out by the pool we went back to the room and I noticed that Aaron was a little pink, well a little more than pink, let me just say that he looked like a lobster. The sun didn’t feel like it was penetrating enough to leave a sunburn, but now we stand corrected. Aaron shoulders had not seen the sun all winter so when they did they sucked it all in. Even though Aaron was left in pain he was still grateful for the sun! Later that night we watch the Bucket List in our hotel room. We both thought it was a really cute show and would recommend it. On Sunday morning we went to Sand Hollow State Park. The water was to cold to go swimming so we went hiking around looking at all the beautiful scenery. We spent the rest of our time eating out, shopping and just relaxing on our weekend getaway.

We always stop in Scipio to pick up squeaky cheese

Aaron Longboarding in St George

Waiting to eat at Red Lobster
My favorite thing to do, Rollerblading

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hanging out with Jacob

Jacob, Aaron's brother was in town for spring break. He is currently living in Seattle getting his Master's degree in Comparative Religions at University of Washington. We let Jacob choose the place to eat and his date, Taylor choose this cute little restaurant in Salt Lake called Cedar of Lebanon. Jacob and Taylor met while attending the Near Eastern Studies program at BYU so they thought it would be fun to eat at a Middle Eastern cuisine. At first I was a little scared of what kind of place we were going to eat at but it ended up having really good food and entertainment. The entertainment was belly dancing and might I say that it was a little awkward. We were all enjoying dinner and talking and then a lady came in and started belly dancing. We didn’t know what to do so we kept talking and looking up occasionally. Once she realized that we weren’t going to slip her any money she slowly left. We had really enjoyable time hanging out with Taylor and Jacob and we hope we get to do it again soon.
Since we are being random with trying new places to eat we decided to take it up a notch and take off for the weekend to St George to warmer weather.

Oh, yes that is a hookah in the pictures with us!