Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hogle Zoo - Not just for kids

Saturday we decided to visit the Hogle Zoo! It was Aaron's first time and I hadn't been then in years, Justin and his girlfriend M'Lindsay invited us to tag along. I honestly love the Zoo, seeing all the kinds of animals reminded me of our honeymoon when we went to the San Diego Zoo. Justin, M'Lindsay and AaronThe Penguins were so active and so fun to watch

We went to the Elephant show were they told us facts about elephants and she did some tricks for us. The Elephant is pregnant and due around July or August of this year.

If you look closely you can see a sleeping cougar. I hate when they are not active I wanted to throw a stick at him to make him move.

Boys will be boys

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beach Party no boys allowed

Well... Except Aaron who helped me out with making yummy drinks and anything else I asked him to do. What a good husband I have! Last Thursday night I had my girlfriends over for a beach themed party. It was Heather's Birthday (May 29th) so we made sure to spoil her with gifts and our lovely singing voice!

For Dinner Lyndie and I made Chicken Sandwiches, Fruit Kabob's and Delicious Margarita drinks that Aaron made.

The girls who came were Brittany, Lyndie, Heather, Morgan, Kenzie and little Tate

Lyndie made the cutest cupcakes that looked like the ocean and sand. This was the idea that got us going on our themed beach Party! She is so creative!

We got everyone flip flops to say thanks for coming to the party!

Its so fun to get together with the girls we always have a great time!

Happy Birthday Aaron

Happy Birthday to Aaron!

On May 24th we woke up and I took Aaron to breakfast up Emigration Canyon to Ruth’s Diner. The drive up the canyon was so beautiful. Everything was so green and full of life it was so amazing. To get the full Ruth's Diner experience you have to eat outside on the back patio surrounded by trees and the sounds of a creek running along the back. It was a little chilly but they had heaters around outside that made it a little more comfortable.

Aaron ordered Salmon Benedict for breakfast and really enjoyed it!

Later that day we enjoyed a dinner up at my parents house.

We ran into a problem with Aaron's Cake. I ordered his Ice Cream Birthday cake from Baskin Robbins and planned on picking it up on our way to my parents house. It was suppose to be ready at noon and we got there at 2:00 pm and the lady working there (who by the way looked cracked out) said that it was not ready yet and that she was still making it. Well to make a long story short we ended getting our money back and vowed to never order from them again. So Sadly Aaron didn't have a cake. But Justin and Aleisha did have him still blowout a candle!

The next day Aaron whipped up his own Birthday cake and made himself a parfait from scratch that he shared with Justin and his friend Matt!