Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bringing 80's back

Girls night out !!!
Last night Aleisha, Heather and I went to see the opening night of FAME with my Aunt Sherry and her cute little girls. The Theme was 80's so how could I pass up rocking out my bangs!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What happened in the month of August?

Park City Half Marathon

On August 22nd I ran the Park City Half Marathon with my mom and Aunt Kelly Sue while my Uncle Scott ran the full Marathon. It was a really pretty run with hot air balloons rising in the morning but at the same time it was a difficult course with hills for the first 6 miles. Even though it was a hard course I would do it again!

Cute little bands playing for us as we ran

Beautiful views while running

I had to stop for a picture with some cute bikers

Grandma's 90th Birthday Party in St George

Hot tubing it with the girls, later I got thrown in the pool by my mean Uncles...haha!

Happy Birthday Grandma (smile Justin!)

My cute grandma was such an amazing dancer growing up and continued to dance through the years. She wanted to show us all that she hasn't lost her moves so she put on her tap shoes and did a little number for us in her wheelchair.

Kenzie Baby Shower

I threw my cousin Kenzie a Lady Bug Baby Shower with the Hardy side

The Food Table

Ladybug Cup Cakes

We played "The Price is Right" and these ladybug pendants where the prizes

My Home decorated with ladybug theme

For Kenzie's gift we made her a Diaper Cake

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Now that summer is coming to an end I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite things this summer. My friend Cami that I work with at the Garden always blogs about her favorite things and I love looking at it, so here are a few of my favorite things.

#1 Fergie Flip Flops I bought at the first of the summer. They are so comfy and a little bit more nicer looking then regular Flip Flops so its a Win Win.

#2 House Hunters International on HGTV. Aaron found this awesome show and we have be recording the re-runs all summer. Its so amazing to watch people buy a home in another part of the world and see how much stuff cost, the life style, and how beautiful and exotic places are. I absolutely love this show!

#3 Buckle Shorts I have been looking all summer for a great pair of Jean shorts and I finally found some at the Buckle in St George. They are to the knee and are so comfy!

#4 How I met your mother - Can I just say best find of the summer? We were babysitting ours cousins and found a few episodes recorded on their DVR and started watching them. When we got home I had Aaron download the first season from Itunes and officially came addicted to it and have now watched all 4 seasons. Aaron and I have a toss up on who are favorite character is and its between Barney who has some of the best catch phrases and Marshall who is just totally awesome. Lily came in at a close 3rd place! They are now on Season 5 and I can't wait for it to start on September 20th on CBS.

#5 So You Think You Can Dance - Favorite dance of the season was Mia Michaels The Addiction Dance! On the season finale Kupono and Kayla performed this routine and it gave me chills. A new season started on September 9th on Fox.

#6 Mo Bettah Steaks in Bountiful was a great find. Aaron said lets try this restaurant next to Cold Stone and I was a little reluctant to try it but it turned out to be so delicious! It remind us of Hawaii our favorite place to travel.

#7 The Pixar movie UP in 3D - Aleisha and I saw it in 3D in June and we
both just loved it. I took Aaron to it a few weeks later and it became our favorite movie this summer. We laugh and cried through the movie. My favorite part is when the Russel said "Kevin's a girl?"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You know you are OLD when...

Getting a STORM DOOR installed makes you so happy!