Monday, October 21, 2013

Lucy Jean @ 8 Months

* Size 3 diapers
* Sits up by herself really well
* Fitting into 6 month clothes
* Started eating puffs (learning to like them)
* 3 solids a day - loves yogurt and fruit . Most veggies she gags
* 2 naps a day
* 2 bottom front teeth
* No movement of crawling or standing content with sitting
* Hated formula - I tried to give her a few ounces of formula and she thought it was disgusting
* Breastfeeding 4 times a day
* Loves baths 
* Loves toys that are in a box or container and can pull them out.
* First time in a swing - she is not a daredevil she didn't love it like Lucas loved it.
* Happiest/content baby
* Bedtime 7:30

Lagoon for the first time

Lucy and Charlotte BFF  

Picking Pumpkins

Escaping her PJ's

Swinging for the 2nd time not loving it like her brother

2 Bottom Teeth