Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bless Lucy Jean

Lucy Jean was blessed on April 28th by her father Aaron Rennaker! It was such a beautiful blessing!

Grandma Jeannine Hardy holding Abigail Jean and Lucy Jean. Both girls share a middle name named after this beautiful women.

The food

The Guests 

Todd, Melissa and Abigail

Two proud moms

Grandma and Grandpa Hardy holding the beautiful Girls

Mommy I'm so done 

The Hales

The Dubois

May and Jayne..... Lucas' Friends

The Taylor's

George and Teresa 

Kelly and Jeff

Megan, Jessica and Camden

Tony, Aleisha and Abigail

Hunter & Carol

Scott, Grandma Hardy, Aaron, James

James and Aaron

Sally, Nancy and Miss Lucy Jean

Dad, Sterling, Sally, Nancy, & Grandpa Robins

Grandma Hardy, Todd, Karlin

Matt & Sherry

The Carver's

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lucy at 3 Months

Lucy Jean is 3 months

* Seriously Lucy is the best baby and so easy. 
* Her hair is finally coming in on the top
* Has been to 3 movies in theatre... Iron Man, 42 and Croods
* She was blessed on April 28th by her daddy Aaron
* Loves to smile and coo
* Sleeps through the night
* Lucas and Lucy are starting a bond its seriously so sweet
* She can grab onto stuff pretty well
* She loves soft blankets by her face
* Aaron loves her so much he is always talking with her. Lets just say she has him wrapped around her finger
We had the whole theatre to ourselves and watched 42. Lucy slept the whole time.

I can't get enough of her smile

Hanging out with cousin Evelyn on the left and Lucy on the right


All ready for a walk

Lucy showing me her tongue