Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Series of Events...

November 19th

This semester for School Aaron took on a Debate Class. He has worked long and hard and getting ready for this debate that took place in November. He gave the opening and closing arguments and did such a great job. Aaron's sister Bethany drove up from Provo to come hear Aaron give his speech. The night turned out great and it even got pretty heated when they had guest speakers giving their debate on Illegal immigration.

So Proud!

After Aaron's Debate I went to my long awaited movie that I purchased tickets for in June from my Aunt Sherry.... The MID-NIGHT showing of NEW MOON! Aleisha was the lucky winner that came with me to see this awesome show.

Twilight Girl!

My Aunt Sherry and my cousin Tage waiting for it to start

November 26th

For Thanksgiving we went up to my Uncle James house for a yummy turkey dinner. I made the artichoke dip and green bean casserole.

Grandma Hardy so cute!

My daddy and Grandpa Hardy

Mid-Night Madness SHOPPING

It started at 11:15 p m driving up to Park City for the Mid-night madness shopping. It was so much fun i just love hanging out with my 2 best friends... my mom and sister! My favorite Aunt Melissa met us over at the outlets and spent the whole night with us. Around 4:15 am we headed back down to Bountiful to be at Target around 5:00 am when it opened. Usual Target is my favorite place to go but for some reason this year it was so crowded. The lines were to the back of the store and i felt like i didn't even get what i wanted. Our next stop was Smiths Marketplace and that was so much better! We got everything we wanted and the lines were not bad at all. After we finished Smiths we went and had a delicious breakfast at Sunshine Cafe. We were all so tired by this point even Aleisha fell asleep at the table.

Driving to the outlets!

Eating yummy breakfast

December 5th

We went to the festival of Trees with my our friends Brian and Brooke. The only picture i got was this cool gingerbread house from the movie UP...

December 12th

The next weekend we went to see Kurt Bester in concert at Adravanel Hall. It was such a good show. The highlight was a guest performance from Johnathon Butler. He was so amazing and after he sung everyone was on their feet clapping!

Our friend Brian and Brooke came with us.

Our seats were so cool they were on the side in single seating.

So Cute!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photography Class

My friend Brooke and I took a 6 week basic Photography class at Davis High School on Thursday nights. I have always been very interested and intrigued by photography, I took photography classes in high school and also in college. I accept the fact that I am old because film photography was how we took pictures, so I spent a lot of time in the dark room developing my film and them printing them myself. Well now days it’s all about digital photography so I invested in a Nikon digital camera that I absolutely love. We would get an assignment every week so we would use the information that we learned in class and apply towards our pictures. I thought I would post some pictures that I took for the class.

These Pictures are from my first weeks assignment, it was bases on the rule of thirds.

I went to Sugar house park to take this pictures

This week assignment was dealing with light and shadows
I went to a pumpkin patch and used the sun for a source of light

I went to the gateway mall with Justin and Aaron and took the camera. My Assignment this week was patterns or continuous movement of pictures so my brother was my model and he went slide down a railing, funny face and all...

We have a nature trail by our house and here are some pictures for there...

My assignment this week was to take black on black or white on white so I took a picture of Jackson black body on our black love sac

Took a picture of a panio using no flash

Jackson caught in action

I think this was one of my favorite times that i went out and took pictures at Ensign Peak. The Fall colors were so pretty and the lighting was perfect!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Broken Borders

This semester for School Aaron took on a Debate Class for one of his elective classes (I know he is crazy, I would have chosen a pottery class). He has worked long and hard and getting ready for this upcoming debate that takes place tonight. He is very excited to be giving the opening and closing arguments. Here is a description on what it will be about...

The Utah Forensics Team is proud to announce its fall public event. This semester we will be focusing on the ongoing national debate regarding immigration reform, as well as recent developments related to this issue in Utah specifically. In addition to a demonstration debate featuring University of Utah debaters, the event will feature several speakers from the local community. Special guests include: Tony Yapias, former Director of the Utah State Office of Hispanic Affairs under Governors Michael Leavitt and Olene Walker; Rep. Mike Noel, Repub. - District 73, Rep. Chris Herrod, Repub. - District 62; and Dee Rowland, Government Liaison and Director of the Peace & Justice Commission for the Utah Catholic Diocese. The debate and discussion will last from 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM in the Fine Arts Auditorium.

***If anyone is interested in coming please let me know

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Girls Night Out!!!

Last night me and my Lady friends had a GIRLS night out which included my mom, Melissa. Aleisha, and Heather. We started our outing by eating a yummy dinner at Olive Garden and then headed over to watch So You Think You Can Dance at the E Center! We arrived pretty early because last year traffic was so awful and parking was a joke. So this year we made sure to budget enough time and plan a route that was flawless. We arrived early with no problems which was really nice to just chat and take pictures.
We had pretty good seats this year with no one abstracting our view, last year we were on the floor and we did not like those seats so we made sure to sit on the side with stadium seating. Turned out to be pretty good seats.

Warning I tried to take a lot of pictures and these are some of my favorites that turned out (without a flash)
Phillip and Jeanine performing hip hop
Brandon and Janet performing Disco
Evan and Randi Performing one of my favorite dances...The Butt Dance
Jason and Caitlyn
I loved this dance and they even had water on the tables which was really fun! Jeanine dress was a little boobilishish!

I'm so sad that Mia Michael's is not choreographing on the show this season because she did some amazing dances in season 5...
Got to love the strangle of Kayla at the end of this zombie hip hop dance
ADDICTION.... best dance of the season

This concert was really good, we all loved it!
After the concert we had a girl sleepover at my house full of food, treats, fun and a chick flick.
I love my LADY'S!