Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome to Paradise

This year we were able to go to Hawaii for Christmas with my family! It has become a tradition the last 4 years and I hope we can keep it going! Lucas LOVED everything about the warm weather! It was so fun to see him explore new things like ocean, pool and sand, which he was not to sure about it at first but we got him to like it by the end of our trip!

The Robins Fam
Lucas, Carissa, Aaron, Aleisha, Brian, Kim, Justin & Jessica

Aleisha and I totalled pulled out our CHEERLEADING skills

My cute boys

From the beginning....
We left on a 10:00 pm flight December 21st, Wednesday night to Las Vegas. It was a very challenging flight for a couple reasons.
1. Lucas was up way passed his bedtime
2. He was over stimulated with the whole traveling experience
3. They had to de-ice our plane so we were stuck on the runway for 1.5 hours before our flight even took off
4. Lucas is 16 months old and wants to be free not on my lap sitting still.
Let's just say after we arrived in Vegas I had a total anxiety attack just thinking about the next 5 hour flight with my child who won't sleep. I would have taken the next flight back to Salt Lake if my family was not there to calm me down. It's not that Lucas was bad during the flight he was busy and making noise; just being a child. In the Las Vegas Airport he fell asleep before our next flight and he was no problem at all.
This is us before our 5 hours flight!

Grandma having fun with Lucas in the Airport
Our car was packed with luggage and poor Lucas fell right asleep when we got into the car. So tired but worth it to be in HAWAII!
This was our first day in Hawaii and to kick off our trip we got nachos!!!

Showing off Lucas' cute curl in the humidity!

I got layed

The first place we went to eat was Leilani's for fish taco's and hula pie

Lucas loved the pool and playing in the water. Especially with his dad who always knew how to make him laugh as you will see more pictures of him in the pool further down.

The sand was a different story of not love, but learn to like. Lucas didn't like the feel of the sand at first but we kept playing in it so he learned to like it.
Hammack was a love with Lucas, he loved to swing in it.
Lucas loved the hot tub! We would sit on the step and put Lucas in our lap so he could feel the warm water and he loved it!

Lucas and Grandma Kim on the beach
My mom was so awesome, every night we played bingo which included gift cards for the prizes. I don't mean to toot my horn but, let's to say I walked away with a bunch of gift cards that included: Cafe Rio, Subway, Wendy's, Itunes and my favorite H&M! I rock at bingo!
Kim and Brian eating our favorite snack.... Nachos by the pool!

This day it was so windy so we tried to enjoy the beach but we kept getting pelted with sand. We didn't stay very long but it was fun for a little while.

Aleisha found her Santa Baby on the streets of Lahina
What where we doing on Christmas morning did you ask???
We were stuck in an elevator with 11 people, a baby and a stroller. The night before there was a power outage which messed up the calibration on the elevators. On Christmas morning we always go out and do a santa run to bring the Christmas spirit. Little did we know we were going to be stuck in a elevator for a hour and half. It was so scary because right after the doors closed the elevator started shaking and jumping. We all started screaming and pushing buttons, it was like Tower of Terror but not a ride. My mom's biggest fear has always been being stuck in an elevator and she started having a panic attack and crying. It was really so sad. We pushed the emergency call button and the lady on the other end answered "Aloha, how can I help you?" and all of us started screaming at once. She asked for only one of us to speak because she could not understand us. To make a long story short we had tears, fun, laughter, anger, and excitement from being rescued.

The girls got a picture of the fireman and the cops the rescued us
These are pictures of us trapped in the elevator
We were trying to keep Lucas entertained in a such a small space.

When we were finally freed we still went and did the Santa run. Lucas lead he way and was our rudolph!

Laying out Carmen, James, Kim and Brian
Okay, how could you just not love that smiley face? Lucas is such a happy kid and is so much more happier when he is playing in the water.

Getting thrown by daddy!

Grandma Kim loves her Lucas
Justin and Jessica
Sisters getting ready to jump off black rock!

Aaron jumping off black rock
My first time jumping off black rock, plug nose and all

Aleisha and I
Auntie Leash taking Lucas out for a swim

Fish Tacos

Hula Pie!

Lucas was crashed out from all the fun he was having. It took us forever to wake him up from his nap so we could go eat! Poor little buddy having to much fun!
Scooters! For our Christmas gift my parents gave us a scooter ride! I missed the ride last year because Lucas was so little I didn't want to leave him so it was so fun to do it this year. Thanks mom for babysitting!

We travel to the banana Julia's World Famous Banana Brread hut to get the most delicious bread! Aaron and I got 3 loafs and ate 1 before we took off back on the road. Aaron was a little sad it was gone!

Aaron's awesome wind blown hair

Aleisha gave us the best Christmas gift she gave us a Visa gift card to go on a date baby free. We choose to go to the Gazebo and have a delicious breakfast and go for a hike!

Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes!

Our trip was amazing. We love Hawaii!!!