Friday, April 16, 2010

These are the moments that count in life...

My ultra appointment was the most amazing thing that I have ever done. It was so amazing to see my little guy and what he does in my tummy all day. The first thing we saw was his beautiful spine like a ribbon of pearls. He kept squirming around and kept kicking me but up to that point I was not sure what I was feeling when he was kicking. So when I saw him kick and felt it I knew what it was. Our technician was really so good at showing us everything and that he was a healthy baby boy. It took her about 5 mins to let us know that he was a boy but I saw his little stuff before she told us. We had her check twice just to confirm that there was something between his legs and sure enough. After the ultra sound was done Aaron looked at me with his happy and proud eyes and I thinking he would lean down to kiss me and make it a gentle moment. No instead he high fives me and says good work babe, that’s my boy. He was so proud that we were having a boy so that he could go fishing, hunt, teach him chess oh and not to mention wrestle. He already has this little boy’s life planned out and he is still in my tummy! After we met with Dr Lloyd and our little guy measured 21 weeks instead of 20 weeks so my due date has moved up a week. Dr Lloyd asked me if this could be the first day of my last period and told him I guess I really don’t remember that well and then I turned to Aaron and said….”I promise you’re the Father” :)
We are very excited that we are having a boy and have already started his nursery and can not wait to have it all done and waiting for him. Seriously these moments in life are what count and I’m so grateful for everything in my life. I think this picture of him is so cute and I’m so proud to become a mom. I can’t wait for his arrival in August.