Thursday, May 31, 2012


I can't believe that I have completed a FULL Marathon. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would run a marathon I would have said NO WAY, ask my mom she would tell you. Marathons have never interested me because who is kidding who 26.2 is a long way to go on foot. My mom, dad and a lot of my family run so they were always pushing me to do one.  I wanted to make the decision on my own and WANT to do one. At the end of last summer I started thinking well maybe I can do it and then my good friend Brittany asked me if  we could do one together and at that moment I just blurted out YES. We signed up in November and started training in January a 18 week program that we stuck to pretty closley. It was fun to run our long distance on the weekend together and text each other our accomplish of miles during the week. She definitely kept me motivate. It was such a good experience to share with Brittany and both accomplish such an emotional goal. We both decided to dedicate our marathon to our cute kids Lucas and Ella because we both wanted a goal after we had a baby and get back into shape. Truly it was an amazing experience!  

Ogden Marathon May 19th
Time: 4:54

Monday, May 21, 2012

DisneyWorld 2012

On May 10th I took this little 20 month old to Florida to see his Auntie Leish be a skipper on the Jungle Cruise ride at Walt Disneyworld. Aleisha has been there since January doing an internship and has loved being apart of Disney! We decided to take advantage of her living down there and went to visit her.

May 10th  

Lucas and I all aboard the plane and ready to fly. I was so lucky to have my parents come with me so that Lucas could crawl over all 3 of us.

Lucas got his first wings from the captain of the plane after a 4 1/2 hour flight. He was very happy to be on a escalator! Lucas loves both elevator and escalators or things that move!
May 11th 
Aleisha surprised Lucas with a Mickey outfit and he looked so cute running around in it!

When we first entered the park the balloon man had lucas in awe and Grandma Kim could not help but spoil him and buy him a ballon!

Lucas and his red Mickey Balloon!

Our first ride was its a small world dedicated to Grandma Hardy which is her favorite ride!  
Grandma and Lucas

Lucas all aboard and ready to float through its a small world

Disney makes the best CHURRO'S!
Lucas favorite place to sit... on Grandpa shoulders

Lucas would pass out in his stroller for about an hour a day

Watching a show

Playing on the wheel and loving it!

So happy!

pop'n a squat

Buzz Lightyear ride! Lucas' favorite character 

The end to a perfect day thanks to Aleisha... we had fast passes all day with no waiting in line!
Lucas got his own Buzz doll and outfit

Guess who found Skipper Aleisha???

Skipper Aleisha driving our boat!

Skipper Aleisha in action!

Lucas LOVED all of Aleisha jokes

But of course bubbles are always a hit with this kid

We are so proud of Aleisha

So tired

At night Fantasyland was not busy,  we walked onto most of the rides


May 12th 

A beautiful day at Typhoon Lagoon
Grandma Kim and Lucas
Lucas loved the water

The Girls

Me and my cute boy

Daddy laying out

Mommy enjoying some relaxation 

Grandma Kim and Lucas enjoying the wave pool

We did an 8 mile run down in Florida 

Lucas dancing to off kilter at Epcot
Lucas in front of the Finding Nemo ride

Aleisha had dinner reservations in Mexico and we enjoyed the fireworks after we ate a delicious dinner
 Sunday May 13th 

Happy Mothers day mom!

Lucas gave me a cute card and some yummy chocolate pretzel 
Mommy so happy for her first card of the day

2nd card had a necklace that said she was queen for the day

At Animal Kingdom they gave all the mom's flowers

Auntie Leisha with Mr Lucas on the Safari Ride

The whole trip my dad wanted his stupid chocolate covered banana  and look how happy he is!

He also kept talking about frozen lemonade and he finally got it on our last day

I also got my favorite treat a CHURRO

Lucas enjoying a churro

The Parade at Hollywood Studios

Lucas playing in Honey I Shrunk playland

Count on Lucas finding water and Loving it
Sci Fi Dine in Theatre 
Enjoying Expedition Everest 

The view on the top of the ride Expedition Everest

Lucas playing at Honey I Shrunk the Kids playland

Aleisha Favorite treat... Cotton Candy
And once again enjoying yet another Churro at Fantasmic 

Mom enjoying a kiss from her favorite Mickey Mouse. Aleisha surprised my mom to go backstage and meet him after the show of Fanstamic.

Kim was crying like grandma Hardy she was so happy!

We had some other friends join us too

Singing Happy Birthday to my mom

This is what kept Lucas entertained... Chains!

Lucas officially got his ears!
This trip was magical and filled with lots of memories!