Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Aaron had a little too much fun this weekend and Jackson did not appreciate it much!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack Johnson

4 years ago Aaron and I fell in love and went on our first date to the Jack Johnson concert at Usana Amphitheatre. Whenever I hear a Jack Johnson song playing it reminds me of Aaron and brings back such wonderful memories of how we met. On Monday we went to see Jack perform with Neil Halstead and Rogue Wave. Aaron and I wanted to make sure we got there early so we could get good seats. We arrived at about 1:30 pm and where the first in line for our section. We had brought books and our IPods to pass the time until the doors opened at 5:00 pm. The time actually passed quickly the only thing that started to get to us was the HEAT. As soon as they let us in at 5:00 pm we got front row seats that were right in the middle. The pit was the only thing in front of us so we were safe to say that no hippy dancers would be in our way of seeing the stage. Right after Aaron went to get us two big ice drinks that we gulp down, needless to say we spent about $20 on drinks until the sun went down and we stopped sweating. Jack put on an AMAZING show along with his piano player Zach Gill. This was by far the best show that we had seen in along time. In the middle of the show Zach got his accordion out and started playing the "Devil went down to Bavaria"(The Bavarian accordion version of the devil went down to Georgia) which was a fun & hilarious. Also, Jack started to play "Wasting Time" and then got all flustered with the words and started laughing and had to stop. We found out that someone up in front that yelled "I want my wife to carry your baby" and the comment threw him off and so he had to start over. It was actually pretty funny! On the way home we kept talking about what a great show it was and how during the whole show we could not stop smiling and enjoying the music. I'm so glad we got to see Jack perform again.


I have been tagged, I’m not big into tags but thought I would give it a try.
So here's a little information you may not know about me...

1~My Family


1~To keep running
2~ Paint my front room
3~ Organize my closets

1~ Deep Cleaning my house
2~ Quakes Rice Snacks
3~ Taking pictures

1~ We are going to Disneyland to run a half Marathon with 18 family members
2~ I worry to much
3~ I’m re-watching all 10 seasons of Friends

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Goodbye Jacob

Aaron's brother Jacob who is studying at the Univ. of Washington has been down for the summer working & living in Provo. Friday he'll go back home to Washington for a few days before flying out Monday to Tel Aviv, Israel. Jake received a grant for a paper he wrote to travel over to the Middle East for about 3 and half weeks. Seriously, what a once in a lifetime opportunity! He'll be traveling alone but fortunately one of his friends from school is in Jordan and will meet him in Israel to spend some time with him. He is really excited and I can tell Aaron is a little jealous of him. We love Jacob and wish him the best trip of his life.
We got together with Jacob, his friend Maggie, Ryan and Jessica for a picnic and a good old game of croquet. These are some crazy pictures that we captured………….

Monday, August 11, 2008

Les Miserables at Tuacahn

This weekend we traveled down to St George to see the play Les Miserables with our good friends Heather and Ryan. Ryan's grandparents have a house in St George and were nice to offer for us to stay with them. Heather and I are a lot alike in many ways, both of us like to plan and be very prepared for our vacation so needless to say we brought enough food to feed an army. A few things we have in common are……We both bought a ton of treats and snacks for us to eat, we both love to shop at the outlet malls, we both love ice drinks with straws, we both love potatoes cooked anyway, and we our both pretty easy going! Ryan and Aaron kept making fun of us on how we were so much alike.
Tuacahn put on such a good production, my Mom & Uncle Scott saw it last weekend and said it was pretty much as good as the Broadway production. It started at 8:30pm and went till midnight, the whole time it had to be in the upper eighties with no breeze (Tuacahn is an outdoor amphitheatre). I can't imagine how hot it must have been for the cast wearing their costumes and preforming. It's running through October so we would recommend seeing it to anyone that is interested. The weekend turn out to be way fun and relaxing which just what we needed!

The Girls

Hot Tubing

Tuacahn Theatre

Waiting to watch Les Mis

Eating at the Pizza Factory

Ryan, hiding behind the delicious bread sticks, and Heather

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lava Hot Springs

Aaron and I decided to take a short vacation and travel up to good old Idaho and camp. We took off about 4:30 on Saturday and adventured up to LAVA HOT SPRINGS. We had to make a few stops along the way but finally arrive at our camp site at 8:00 PM. After setting up camp we went to the mineral pools and it was way crowded. We stayed about an hour and left to make a campfire and eat smores. Today we woke up, packed up camp and went back to the mineral pools. We enjoyed a pool all to ourselves and loved the beautiful gardens and stone walls surrounding the hot springs. After relaxing in the pools we were up for some adventure! We rented some tubes and floated down the river. We were having a really good time until Aaron went down a drop off and flipped his tube. Aaron scraped his back on rocks under the water. He made a full recovery and was okay to do another run down the river. It was good to getaway for a night.