Sunday, March 22, 2009


Our little niece is so freaking cute! Aaron and I babysat little Morgan on Saturday. We fed her, took her on a walk, played, and gave her many kisses. We love Morgan!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Life has been so insanely busy I thought I could jump on here and announce that I am officially tired. Carissa's asleep right now and I'm about to go to bed but it's hard to be running all day, taking classes all night and get home and my brain is still actively pushing forward. This semester has been good and stressful, the radio show is going well, I sighed on for another 6 months per Senator Stephenson's request. It is such a neat experience. I have gotten to know some great people, great leaders in our local government and the other day we even had our regular Jason Chaffetz and Sen. Bob Bennett on the show. It is my dream come true to be there in the middle of the political discourse, I get to see the side of legislators the public and the media don't get to see, which is fun. My experience in the political discourse has inspired me to become involved in our community and serve the public. On April 18th at the Davis County GOP Convention I will be running for Davis County GOP executive committee as the chair of senate district 23. I'm pretty excited, hopefully I can jump into the process and serve the public.
Well my battery light is saying it will shut down soon, I better get some sleep.