Friday, May 30, 2008


So it looks like Carissa pretty much covered my birthday, even my own personal Joe Pesci stepping on a nail in "Home Alone" experience. So I'm pretty excited it's summertime! I'm taking a class this summer but it's just one 3 credit hour class to fulfill a "diversity" class that I need to graduate. Last semester was pretty good, I actually ended up getting a 4.0 and really enjoyed my classes even though my Information Systems class sucked up most of my free time. My favorite class was my Political Communication class with Peter Watkins a former Spokesman for Laura Bush in the Bush Whitehouse. He brought in a lot of good speakers like Mike Allen the Chief Political Correspondent for Politico and Josh Romney who talked about his experience campaigning for his Dad. It's really enjoyable to get insight from a professor who is connected and involved in what they teach. 

So Monday Carissa and I went to the Death Cab for Cutie concert, I think Death Cab brought the weather from Seattle down with them (It did not feel like Memorial Day). I'm glad I brought the ever prepared Carissa Lee with me who thought to pick up poncho's for the rain or shine outdoor show. It was raining when we got to the venue, but it ende
d up clearing up by the time we got into amphitheatre. 

We ran into Lyndie & her date Ben before the show and hung out with them all night. So I have never seen Death Cab which was one of the reasons we kicked around the idea of going up to Sasquatch festival but when I found out they were coming here we had to go. Tegan and Sara opened which wasn't bad, I've never really gotten into their music but all I have to say is after they finished their set a whole lot of females left the show, got in their Suburu Outbacks & went back home to the Avenues. 

Death Cab opened up playing "Bixby Canyon Bridge" off their new album and proceed with some of their classic songs like, "The New Year," "Soul Meets Body," "Title and Registration," &  "Movie Script Ending." I'm a big fan of their guitarist Chris Walla who frequently uses loops, delays & distortions that add a lot of depth to their sound. Ben Gibbard is a great vocalist & lyricist, he played an acoustic solo of "I will follow you into the dark" which the crowd ate up. They followed up with several songs of their new album Narrow Stairs, all in all I thought it was a good performance and I'm glad they came to Utah this summer. 

So for the rest of the summer we picked up John Mayer & Colbie Caillat tickets (Carissa's excited!) Jack Johnson w/Rogue Wave & Neil Halstead, and G.Love w/John Butler Trio and Tristian Prettyman. We're going to Les Miserables in August at the Tuhacan theatre with Ryan & Heather Sessions which will be cool and we're also doing the Disneyland half marathon over Labor Day weekend. I know I've left out some stuff but Carissa will keep it posted. 

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Aaron's Birthday weekend started on Friday. Aaron took the day off and picked me up at work around 1:00 pm to see the new Indiana Jones. We both really liked it (corny parts & all) and thought it was a great addition to the series. I took Aaron shopping to get some clothes at Express and some new shoes! Aaron looks really good in his new outfits!
We got up Saturday morning to go for a run and when Aaron was putting on his new running shoes he got from my parents I heard him scream. He hurried and looked at his foot and saw that a huge tack was pushed into his heal of his foot. He tried pulling in out himself, but it was barbed and stuck in pretty good. So he yelled for me and I had to pull the tack about an inch out of his heal. Come to find out that the tack that was in there was a part of the sensor that was left in there from the store. We could not believe that they would not remove the whole thing. Luckily it only hurt for a few minutes and then we went on our run. For breakfast we went to Kneaders. Aaron had gone there for work one time and kept talking about how delicious the French Toast was, so Justin & Aleisha came along to see if Aaron was telling the truth. After a yummy breakfast we were all tired so we went back to our house and took a nap. As you all know the weather was not very good on Saturday and we had planned to go to Raging Waters, but sadly it was freezing cold outside. We decided to go swimming inside at the new Bubble in Bountiful. The new Bubble is really big and has many fun things to do. We went off the diving board, swam in the lazy river, cruised down the water slide and soaked up in the steam room. We all had a really fun time!For dinner we went to Rodizio Grill a Brazilian steak house with my family. Aaron's favorite is the Brazilian lemonade and grilled pineapple!

To finish off the day we saw Iron Man at the Gateway. We really liked the movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Heather had us over to her house to kick off the season for “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE”! Its was fun seeing the girls, thanks Heather for a fun night!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer is Finally Here!

Jessica and Ryan (Aaron's sister and her husband) officially moved to Utah a few weeks ago. They are living in Provo while Ryan is attending BYU to finish his degree. Jessica and Ryan came over to our house Saturday night and we did a BBQ, after we ate Aaron took us up to Red Butte Gardens to do a hike. There was a wedding going on so we could hear a band playing from where we were hiking it was really enjoyable. We came back to our house and made s'mores and introduced them to the TV show Arrested Development.
On Sunday we went to visit the Biehn's and play crocket. We had not been to their home in so long, I think the last time we were there we had Craft Night with Max and Geoff and Aaron R. bleached Aaron Biehn's mustache to look like Hulk Hogan. We got to meet Staci's cute little boy toy Kevin. And we also met Aaron's B. wife Lindsay who was really fun to play crocket with. We love the Biehn family and hope we can visit them soon again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Park City Weekend

My mom’s birthday was on Friday May 9, and to celebrate we stayed at the Marriott in Park City for the weekend. Our weekend was all about “Kim” and all she wanted to do was shop at the outlets in Park City. On Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the Eating Establishment on Main Street and then started our shopping at 11:00 am and finished up at 5:30 pm. My mom and I had so much fun going to all the stores but our favorite was Banana Republic, Coach and Guess. There were so many good deals and fun styles! We shopped till I dropped. My mom could have gone a few more hours, but I was officially worn out. The boys shopped with us for a few hours and then left and went and played at the pool. Saturday night we had a birthday party for my mom and the theme was “Princess”! My mom’s brother Todd and his wife Melissa came over along with her sister Carol and her cute son Hunter. We had a pizza party and went Hot Tubing!
Sunday my parents went running on a trail while me and my brother, Justin went roller blading. We celebrated mother’s day with eating breakfast at the Eating Establishment again and then drove home! Even though our vacation was only 20 min away from home it was just what we needed!

Mom Getting her birthday Gifts
For Mothers day Justin and I made a book of our Europe trip last September on our Mac Kim's Birthday Party Hot Tubing Eating Breakfast at the Eating Establishment - Yummy! Shopping!!!!

Melissa eating some Pizza!Justin and I went Roller blading and my parents went running