Monday, December 22, 2008

Aloha from Maui!!!

After a long day of delays waiting for a long flight, we finally made it to Maui. I watched the weather report on the 10p.m. news on Thursday night and the weatherman said that a storm was expected to hit the Wasatch Front between 11a.m. & 2p.m. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 11:40a.m. so I was a little worried the storm would hit before we left but I wasn't too concerned. Friday morning we woke up and were getting ready to run some errands before going to the airport when we received a call from Delta informing us the flight was rescheduled to depart at 5p.m, which was definitely after the time which the snow storm would hit Salt Lake. As we waited the snow began to fall, and fall, and fall some more. By the time we drove to the airport the roads were horrible and I feared our flight would be cancelled or delayed further so I was pretty stressed out, I don't handle anticipation well as my family and Carissa can attest (i.e. I ruin most Christmas surprises) Here's a pic of Brian & Justin waiting patiently at the airport. 

We boarded our plane about 6p.m. and we finally took off at 7p.m. and arrived in Maui around 10p.m. Hawaii time. After picking up luggage, the rental car, driving to the hotel & checking in we finally got to bed about 4a.m. Mountain time, but we made it! 

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and laid in the sun overlooking the ocean. It felt so nice not to have to stress about work, or school, or finals, or my internship, or the primary program or anything else... It felt like the huge burden was lifted and it is time to have fun! 

     (Brian, Kim & Aleisha laying out the first day)

                                           (Justin, Carissa & Aaron laying out the first day)

After laying out we headed over to our zipline excursion.
Half of the fun was going up the mountain and looking over the Hawaiian islands and ocean. The excursion included 4 ziplines and a giant swing. Here are a few pictures and videos from the trip:

Kim & Brian Riding Zipline #3, it is 1/2 mile long and takes you to speeds of 50-55MPH.

Carissa & Aleisha Riding Zipline #3

Aaron & Kim Riding Zipline #4

Brian & Aleisha Riding Zipline #4

The best is the last, Kim & Brian on the giant swing.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Strike a POSE theres nothing to it!

Hardy Party happens but once a year and we know we cant leave until we get our family picture for our cute Grandpa Hardy! So now we know the drill just hurry pose and then leave.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Traditions, TRADITIONS

Making Santa Cookies

My mom volunteered to make Santa Cookies for our Hardy Party last Friday. I bet she will think twice before she makes that mistake again. My mom, Aleisha, Kyle (Aleisha Boy Toy) and me spent many hours making the traditional Santa cookie. My mom comes from a big family so we had to make 65 Santa Cookies but we had a lot of fun doing it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Home for Christmas

I thought i would post some pictures of my decorating skills for Christmas, I don't have too many decorations but I try and pick up some each year! Our Stocking hung with care......

I know our tree looks sad but, since Aaron and I are not going to be home for Christmas we decided to put up a small pencil tree. Hopefully next year we will get a real tree, I just love the smell of them.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas.........

Long time no blog

Okay, so Aaron and I have been extremely busy the past couple of months. We have had hardly any free time and when we do we just crash on the couch. Aaron is finally winding down with his Semester at the U of U. He took his last big test on Wednesday and did awesome on it. Aaron is still doing his internship and has to write a 14-page research paper so that he can get his credits. He will continue to do the radio talk show on Saturday’s until February 2009.

I absolutely love the holidays and all the fun stuff that comes with it. I love getting together with family and friends, decorating for Christmas, and listening to Holiday music. On Sunday we had Aaron’s sister Jessica and her family came over for a yummy Christmas dinner! They brought our new little niece Morgan who is so adorable. It was nice to see them before they go to Spokane to be with family for Christmas.

This is Morgan when she lost her Binky

This is Morgan when she found her Binky