Friday, April 22, 2011

First Tooth

Look who sprung his first tooth yesterday, its on the bottom right and the left side came in right after it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

8 Months

* Rolls to get from here to there
* Is pretty close to army crawling
* Can say da da da da
* Can sit in a shopping cart with out his car seat
* Still no teeth but I can see the bottoms
* Can eats his puffs cereal all by himself
* Eating Solids foods 3 times a day
* Shakes his head NO
* Sleeps on his tummy and moves up to the top of his crib every night
* Smiles at everyone
* He is waking up at 6:30 am in the morning and just talks and plays in his crib until I go and get him
* He likes his pacifier
* Bed time is 8:00 pm

Thursday, April 7, 2011


All I can say is AAAAHHHHHHH. Today has been one of those days. Let me start from the beginning. I set the alarm at 4:00 am and I hit snooze a couple of times and then I made Aaron get up and get going. I wanted to be on the road by 5:00 AM so Lucas could sleep in the car for a couple hours. Well everything went as planned: we finished loading the car, Lucas was a happy to be woken up early and we made it out the door by 5:10 AM. We were going up to Spokane to visit Aaron's Family. They had not seen him since he was 3 weeks old so we were very excited for Lucas to see his grandparents and meet his great grandparents. Little did I know what our day would have in store for us. Lucas was pretty happy and played with his toys for a bit and then fell asleep until 7:00 am and the woke up because he was hungry. I fed him a bottle while we were driving and by this time we were in Idaho close to Idaho Falls. It was raining at this point and we thought we would stop for breakfast in Idaho Falls but accidentally missed the exit so we just kept driving and thought well we will just eat at the next area. We made it all the way to Dubois, ID and by this time we hit a major snow storm. We stopped at a gas station and changed Lucas and filled up on gas and just decided since it was snowing lets keep going and try and get out of this storm. Aaron was really mad it started snowing because he hates driving in the snow and I was a little more positive and told him we just have to get to Spencer and the storm will pass, (well that what said). We get back on the freeway and the roads were just covered in snow and ice, the wind was blowing snow sideways and it was snowing like crazy. As we are driving we see a horse trailer tipped on on its side, at this point we should of just turned around but I kept thinking it would clear up. Now the roads are iced over and our car can barely make it up a hill without are tires spinning and slipping while we drove 20 mph. Our car had new tires put on this year, but they were no match for mother nature. After we got up the hill I started bawling and kept saying I'm sorry, sorry for everything. As I cried harder and I looked at Lucas thinking of all the horrible things that could go wrong and Lucas started to laugh. It was so cute it made me pull it together and stop crying. Aaron pulled off an exit right after the Montana border and we both felt it was the right thing to do is turn around. After planning the trip for months, packing all day yesterday and driving 4 1/2 hours in the car, we are just going to turn around and go home. It was so frustrating. Our other option was to drive back and go through Boise, which we should have done in the first place. We talked about all the pros and cons on taking the longer route not to mention the hours we have already traveled. We thought by taking the new route it would add an extra 9 hours we would have to get a hotel in Boise and it would cut down our weekend with the Rennakers. We decided to head back home and not chance the weather. Lets just say we rolled back into North Salt Lake at 3:10 pm, a FREAK'N TEN HOUR drive to NOWHERE. Aaron feels pretty defeated, but his Dad said "you cannot defeat nature. Nature has millions of years of practice."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lucas at 7 months

Kelly Sansom took Lucas 7 month pictures and did such an outstanding job. She took pictures and then also took video of him and put it together!. She is so talented and as a proud mom I cant stop watching the video, it just makes me so happy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mom & Tot Swim Class

Lucas and Jake took and mom and tot swim class at the classic Bubble in Bountiful. They had so much fun going on Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 am.
We would start each swimming class singing speckled frog and the boys would sit on the side of the pool and jump in when their name was called.
What did Lucas learn?
*Float on his back
*Float on his tummy's (with mom's help of course)
*To be comfortable in the water
*Lucas loved to kick his legs in the water
*He loved to Splash the water and get wet
*His favorite part of the class is when his swim instructor gave him a toy that would float and I would throw it and he would love to swim and pick it up.
*His reward was a warm shower after his swim class and he Loved it

The last day of Swim class the boys were all tuckered out

Lucas think Jake is pretty cool, he was checking out his ear.