Friday, February 20, 2009

Worlds Best Family

We celebrated my birthday with my family last Sunday. My brother and sister were so cute they each had a really thoughtful present for me. Justin went first and he had written me a song titled "The Gift of the Family". The song started out by saying how much I meant to our family so I started crying and then he made me laugh when he brought up how when we were kids I would trick him into giving me an extra Chicken Nugget from his kids meal. Aleisha went next and she gave the Best Sister Award that had a really cute poem and gift cards to my favorite places. I love my family so much they are so sweet and thoughtful and I appreciate them so much.
Best Sister Award Presented by Aleisha Robins

Justin singing his Song he wrote me

My mom is the best because she made my favorite cake, a heart shaped cake with candy hearts around it!

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Jackie Sullivan said...

What a cute family you have! I really wish we lived closer! Happy late birthday.