Sunday, November 8, 2009


Girls Night Out!!!

Last night me and my Lady friends had a GIRLS night out which included my mom, Melissa. Aleisha, and Heather. We started our outing by eating a yummy dinner at Olive Garden and then headed over to watch So You Think You Can Dance at the E Center! We arrived pretty early because last year traffic was so awful and parking was a joke. So this year we made sure to budget enough time and plan a route that was flawless. We arrived early with no problems which was really nice to just chat and take pictures.
We had pretty good seats this year with no one abstracting our view, last year we were on the floor and we did not like those seats so we made sure to sit on the side with stadium seating. Turned out to be pretty good seats.

Warning I tried to take a lot of pictures and these are some of my favorites that turned out (without a flash)
Phillip and Jeanine performing hip hop
Brandon and Janet performing Disco
Evan and Randi Performing one of my favorite dances...The Butt Dance
Jason and Caitlyn
I loved this dance and they even had water on the tables which was really fun! Jeanine dress was a little boobilishish!

I'm so sad that Mia Michael's is not choreographing on the show this season because she did some amazing dances in season 5...
Got to love the strangle of Kayla at the end of this zombie hip hop dance
ADDICTION.... best dance of the season

This concert was really good, we all loved it!
After the concert we had a girl sleepover at my house full of food, treats, fun and a chick flick.
I love my LADY'S!

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