Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Series of Events...

November 19th

This semester for School Aaron took on a Debate Class. He has worked long and hard and getting ready for this debate that took place in November. He gave the opening and closing arguments and did such a great job. Aaron's sister Bethany drove up from Provo to come hear Aaron give his speech. The night turned out great and it even got pretty heated when they had guest speakers giving their debate on Illegal immigration.

So Proud!

After Aaron's Debate I went to my long awaited movie that I purchased tickets for in June from my Aunt Sherry.... The MID-NIGHT showing of NEW MOON! Aleisha was the lucky winner that came with me to see this awesome show.

Twilight Girl!

My Aunt Sherry and my cousin Tage waiting for it to start

November 26th

For Thanksgiving we went up to my Uncle James house for a yummy turkey dinner. I made the artichoke dip and green bean casserole.

Grandma Hardy so cute!

My daddy and Grandpa Hardy

Mid-Night Madness SHOPPING

It started at 11:15 p m driving up to Park City for the Mid-night madness shopping. It was so much fun i just love hanging out with my 2 best friends... my mom and sister! My favorite Aunt Melissa met us over at the outlets and spent the whole night with us. Around 4:15 am we headed back down to Bountiful to be at Target around 5:00 am when it opened. Usual Target is my favorite place to go but for some reason this year it was so crowded. The lines were to the back of the store and i felt like i didn't even get what i wanted. Our next stop was Smiths Marketplace and that was so much better! We got everything we wanted and the lines were not bad at all. After we finished Smiths we went and had a delicious breakfast at Sunshine Cafe. We were all so tired by this point even Aleisha fell asleep at the table.

Driving to the outlets!

Eating yummy breakfast

December 5th

We went to the festival of Trees with my our friends Brian and Brooke. The only picture i got was this cool gingerbread house from the movie UP...

December 12th

The next weekend we went to see Kurt Bester in concert at Adravanel Hall. It was such a good show. The highlight was a guest performance from Johnathon Butler. He was so amazing and after he sung everyone was on their feet clapping!

Our friend Brian and Brooke came with us.

Our seats were so cool they were on the side in single seating.

So Cute!


Three Peas in a Pod said...

Love the updates however I don't like you... YOUR FLYING TO HAWAII RIGHT NOW! Tear, see you in a few days.

Brooke Zes said...

Sweet link to Jonathan Butler!! Glad we were apart of your fun month! Have a blast in Hawaii!!!!!