Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zero to Four Kids in 2.2 Seconds Flat!

This last weekend was full of adventure and a lot of hard work. Aaron and I babysat our 4 cousins’ while my Aunt and Uncle went to San Francisco. My family went to run the San Francisco Marathon there was a total of 5 people that did the full Marathon and 4 people that did the Half Marathon.

We arrived Friday night at Matt and Sherry's house and stayed until Monday night. Here are some pictures of what we did!
First of all can i just say that this little guy is my favorite? Xander and I hung out all weekend together. He was the youngest of the 4 and just such a cute guy. I made Mickey pancakes for them every morning because they told me that they wanted to me to take them to Disneyland while I babysat but this was the best I could do! :) Xander loved to watch Mama Mia, we watched it at least 4 times not counting the times we rewound his favorite songs so he could sing along. His favorite song that he would sing over and over again is...."Don't go wasting your emotion." He also got along great with my dog Jackson they were best friends and would hang out together.
Okay I tried to get this on video but I was too slow by the time it happened. Sherry told me that the highlight of the week is Garbage Day. She told me that Xander gets so excited to see the garbage man pick up there garbage with his big truck. At noon Xander ran out of the house because he heard the truck so i went running out with him. He started jumping up and down saying "Garbage Man, Garbage Man!" They live in a circle so he ran around the whole circle following him watching him pick up the trash. I was laughing so hard I could believe how cute it was. I wish I got this excited to see the garbage man every week!

Bath time! It took me 45 min to convince them that they needed to wash their hair but in the end I made it happen.

On Sunday I made them each little cakes that they could frost and decorate anyway that they wanted. They seemed to really enjoy it and not to mention eating it!

Tage and Miah spent hours playing with their Pet Shops. They even built a whole city and it kept them entertained for hours!

On Monday the neighborhood had a bike parade that started at the Hardy's home and finished at the end of the street with ice cream cones for the kids!

Conner decorated his 4 wheeler and took Xander with him

Tage and her Friend decorated her 4 wheeler

Miah Decorated her Scooter

I was pretty warn out from babysitting these kids all weekend. Going from Zero to 4 kids in a matter of seconds was a lot harder work then I thought. I tried to take them out to Lunch or to get a treat at the store but loading 4 kids up in the car was so much work. We adventured out about once a day and that was enough for me! Lets just say it was a good weekend but I'm happy to be home in my own bed!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yellow Stone

This past weekend I got to take my first trip to see Yellow Stone. I know, I know I live in Utah and I have never been to OLD FAITHFUL. I think growing up if there was not a Marriott Hotel for my mom to stay at we didnt go there. We traveled with our good friends Heather and Ryan, which are so fun and easy to travel with. We got to stay in Island Park at Ryan’s grandparents cabin. The cabin came with all the amenities: Hot Tub, Four Wheelers, and a bed to sleep on. We left on Thursday night and got home on Sunday. Here are some pictures of our trip!

Friday we went around Yellow Stone

Saturday we played at the cabin...
Went Horse Back Riding

We went 4 Wheeling around Island Park

We Chilled at the Cabin, played horse shoes and had a BBQ

And what's better than finishing our day with HOT TUBING

Heather and Ryan are so much fun to travel with, thanks for the good memories!