Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

We celebrated Aaron's Birthday with a BBQ at my parents house on the Sunday before his Birthday. I got Aaron his favorite cake from Cold Stone! We had such a great weekend on Saturday we went to the movies and saw Date Night which we was so funny. We had the whole theatre to ourselves and could not stop laughing.

The boys grilling the hamburgers in the backyard.

The girls making the rest of the meal indoors.
I had my Aunt Nancy made a quilt for Aaron and she did such an amazing job. I had saved t-shirts from concerts we attended or musician he loves. He absolutely loved it and thought it was a great gift. (Notice there is a lot of shirts from Jack Johnson, he is our favorite!)

Funny Story, my mom used this sack that had Aaron's gift in it that was from 10 years ago when my brother had wrapped the worst present I ever received. My mom kept the sack and reused it all these years. I'm sure you are wondering what the gift was I got....
My brother thinking I was an angry teenager made me a pickle extractor so I could remove a "pickle from my butt" that was causing me to be so grumpy. He though it was a cleaver idea I still think it was the worst present I have EVER received. But it was pretty funny to see the note he had wrote me and Aaron happen to notice the card that was 10 Years old. haha!

My family got Aaron a case for his laptop and a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble.


Geoff and Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! We will see you guys soon!

The Sevy's said...

I have to say, I LOVE the T shirt quilt idea!! What an awesome gift

BSBWalker said...

Happy Birthday Aaron! We need to party again soon.