Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So today is the day that I officially hit 40 weeks and I'm still pregnant! I honestly thought that I would have had him by now. I was making such good progress at 37 weeks that I stressed out and got everything ready for his arrival. I got his nursery finished, my bags packed for the hospital, cleaned the house, etc. Now 3 weeks later I have started my maternity leave and cant believe I'm still pregnant. I have tried every myth in the book and nothing has worked to get him to come out. I go walking everyday, I have eaten spicy food, I even jumped on my parents tramp on Sunday but here I am still pregnant and so uncomfortable. Lets just say the bathtub has been my best friend with my aching body.
I have been trying to keep myself occupied with things to keep my mind off why Lucas wont join us. Yesterday I went downtown to Aaron's office to meet him for lunch and to see where he works. It was fun seeing him in action and meeting his coworkers. We walked over to this little eatery and ate lunch. Its so fun to have him work downtown. Afterwords, I went and walked around Pier One and Target to keep up my exercise and found lamps for our bedroom and a cute pillow to match. It's probably not a good thing that I have more free time because I'm not a person who just sits I have to be consistently staying busy and lets just say I can only clean my house so many times. Anyway, hopefully the next post I do will be welcoming my cute little man into this world. Aaron and I are so excited to meet him!
My bags are packed

His car seat is ready to go

The lamps and pillow I bought for our bedroom


Kenz said...

did you cut your hair?? It looks like you did, and its darn cute. however, I am so sad to see your bangs go... I thought those were freaking darling. I had to cut me a pair, however I never ever ever wear my down. Keep us posted. He will come soon enough.

R.D.L.L said...

I have been wondering!!! I am jealous of your free time - but I am not jealous of feeling like you are about to burst! I will cross my fingers that he will come out today!!! Let's hope the baby does not spit up on that cute pillow!! jk

Geoff and Morgan said...

Are you sick of my phone calls and text messages yet? You are obviously on my mind and I can't wait to meet the new baby!

Also - I think you have the same bedding as Geoff and I do...West Elm? Seriously, we are too much alike. Love you!

Leslie said...

OH carissa I feel your pain. I went a week over with Brighton. But you will get through it and maybe someday wish you could go back:) We will be thinking of you and waiting to see pics of your little man!