Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our little guys was a bubble bee and looked so cute! Sadly Aaron was sick so we didn't party to long at my parents house but we did have the traditional stew that my dad makes every Halloween.
Aaron was Alan from the Hangover

My dad making the stew
Aleisha was a Charlie's Angle Lucy Liu
My mom enjoying some pie
Justin and Jessica played an awesome Wayne and Garth


Mckenzie said...

poor aaron he doesn't look so hot. but freak you look fantastic. i hate you, i really do. no not really but it just isn't fair. i'm still as fat as a house and i had genevieve a year ago. anyways, cute pics. hope everyone is feeling better.
lunch this week?

Geoff and Morgan said...

Sorry Aaron was sick, but Lucas looks like a pretty cute bumble bee. Glad you had a good Halloween!