Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monkey Man

My little monkey man is now 4 months old and getting so big.

Height 26.5 inches (95%)
Weight 16 pounds (86%)
Head 43.5 cm

* Lucas is smiling and Laughing all the time
* He loves his alone time with his daddy
* Loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba
* He is learning how to grab use his hands
*He LOVES to be bounced
*His Bedtime is around 8:00 pm
*Pretty good about sleeping through the night
*He loves his mom and dad and knows who they are... well I think :)


Mckenzie said...

I think he is going to be tall!! how fun... he is quickly catching up to Genevieve.

Geoff and Morgan said...

He is one big boy! I haven't seen him (or you) in a long time! Hope you're having fun in Hawaii - call me when you get home so we can get together. I miss you!