Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9 months

Height 29.5 (87%)
Weight 20 lb 11 oz (54%)
Head 46.5 cm (83%)

15 things that are new with LUCAS MATTHEW RENNAKER...

1. He always smiles at the camera and now does this cheesy smile

2. Chews on anything he can get his hands on
3. He can sit like a big boy in the bathtub (Still loves the bath)

4. First time eating spaghetti noodles on May 4th

5. Favorite Toy.... Truck

6. New Treat Yogurt Melts

7. Rides in the stroller like a big boy
8. Does not like to cuddle he pushes me away if I get in his bubble
9. Rather be on his stomach so he can turn and roll around then be sitting on his bum
10. Says DA DA DA all the time
11. Does not sleep in his car seat much anymore he likes his crib for nap time
12. Twirls his hair like the Count of Monte Cristo, my Favorite!
13.Holds his own bottle most of the time
15. 3 teeth, this is the newest one if you look close its up top on his right side


Kenzie said...

He is getting so big and such a doll!! They get more and more fun as time goes. Its hard to imagine but they do. I want to play with you guys. We need to do walks together on Legacy. please.

Brittany said...

He is getting so big. Still the happiest little guy ever!