Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Months oh boy!

(First time in a swing)

Lucas is growing and growing these are his new things at 10 months....

*Shiny knobs are his favorite toy and he will crawl from anywhere to touch them
*Likes to pull movies out of the TV cupboard and make a mess
*Is is pulling himself up to his knees
*Loves swimming in our pool
*Is becoming a very good about eating
*Grandma Kim thought him to drink out of straw by putting Diet Coke in the cup and he loved it. (Mom & Dad did not approve)
*Aaron went into the room and he was kicking his mobile and thought it was fun so we moved the crib down to the lowest setting
*Loves to scream and test out how loud his voice can go
*Music makes his happy he will usually stop crying when I sing to him or play music.
* He takes 2 naps a day usually lasting 2 hours each


Brittany said...

He is so cute and still has the most contagious smile!

The Neilson Family said...

He is so cute Carissa! This is sure a fun stage they are in! It goes by too fast!

Brooke Zesiger said...

love the picture!!!! had so much fun that day!