Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Morning

AKA... The Sunday before we left for Hawaii

We opened up our presents at my parents house the Sunday before we left on our trip to Hawaii. I wish I would have taken more pictures with my camera but I guess I was distracted at how much fun Lucas was having.

The Tree

After all the gifts were opened
Our stockings

Grandma Kim was so nice to give Lucas some of her Diet Coke. She told me it was Christmas and Lucas deserved some. I did NOT approve!
He also found the Swedish fish and dove in
Auntie Leish gave Lucas a Mickey Mouse inspired outfit so he would come visit her in Florida... We will see!
Our stockings
Lucas got a truck from Santa
My new Lens I got is awesome, I love how you can focus in on his face and have things blurry around it.
Tradition... Lucas got some PJ's on Christmas eve

Our Family and yes Aaron has his red bull :)

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The Robinsons said...

So fun! Now, I'm ready for some Maui pics!