Saturday, February 18, 2012

18 Months

* Lucas loves the water
* Uh-OH is Lucas' favorite phrase
* Learned how to flush the toilet because Aaron showed him how. He thinks it's the coolest thing and now I'm waiting for him to throw stuff in the toilet and flush
*When I say "Lucas' do you want to go to sleep?" he will grab his blankets and walk himself into his room and try to get into his crib.
*We will also ask him "Do you want to go to bed?" and he will say "ya"
*Lucas is down to 1 nap a day after lunch (this was a hard transition)
*Favorite foods: bananas, crackers, and go-gurts
*Lucas had some firsts: First Happy Meal with Grandma Kim, First time to Kangaroo Zoo
* Size 3 diapers and getting a little snug so he is now in size 4
* Lucas likes his binky at nap time and when he goes to sleep
* Lucas is getting in his molars and they have been pretty hard on him
* Lucas is very friendly and happy, he will smile at almost everyone
* Yesterday he told me BYE and blew me a kiss (2-17-2012)
* Has his moments when he acts like Helen Keller and throws whatever is in front of him all over, including food
* Is learning how to feed himself
* Helps me with the laundry and wants to push the start button and then quickly after the stop button
* His new favorite show is Elmo's World! Aaron and I can't get a grasp on Mr Noodle


Brittany said...

So cute! Ella is excited to play with Lucas on Monday!

Josh and Becca said...

Love the Helen Keller analogy. That's funny! No offense to Helen of course. :) Such cute pictures!

The Sevy's said...

You'll be so glad your recorded all these great moments. Time just speeds up as they get older!
Oh and did I mention Soooo Jealous of your hawaii trip!