Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lucas 2 Year Pics

Can't believe my little boy is TWO! Kelly took some adorable shots of my little Lucas and I could not be happier. She always captures his personality and that's what I LOVE! 

Lucas and Woody

I think this is my favorite

All Done!!!


The Robinsons said...

Those pictures are absolutely precious! I love the one of him sitting on the dock by the water, too!

The Sorenson's said...

Adorable!!! I have to say that big smile is too cute! I cannot believe he is two! Miss you guys!

Hesse and Hustin said...

Haha, love 'em! Especially the one of him facing the distance and the one of him crying. You just don't normally see the crying ones. He's so huge now!

The Sevy's said...

Cutest pictures!! The one on the dock is too perfect! Love it