Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney Cruise

  • We were able to take a family vacation on a Disney Cruise with Lucas in November. Aaron had been busy with work for the past few months so this vacation was just what we needed.... Family Time! This trip was perfect and it was so precious to see Lucas and Aaron bond. 

Sailing Away Party
November 10th

Playing on the SHIP

Aaron and I watching Lucas play in the splash pad on the ship

Lucas loves water

Eating lunch and starring at the ocean

Lucas was having to much fun and crashed on Aaron

One out of Three Restaurants we ate at for dinner

More swimming....

Lucas eating an ice cream cone

Lucas carrying his new Mickey everywhere

Lucas loved the characters from afar but not close up. I think we may have scared him for life with making him take pictures with them! I'm a true Hardy women!

Grand Caymon
November 13th

This was are favorite port that we stopped at. We took a catamaran to a private beach and had a beach party. The water was crystal clear and we just enjoyed playing in the water.

24 weeks Pregnant

Costa Maya
November 14th

Pirate Night
This night was so much fun we even got Pirate of the Caribbean headbands. They had a party on deck that night with Characters, dancing and fireworks. The Party started at 10:00 pm so we had to keep Lucas awake but he loved every min of it.

Lucas hates hats so this was the only picture I got before he ripped it off

Holding our hands

Dance Party

Lucas loved watching the characters on stage dance

Our last formal night on the ship


We LOVED our waiters they really made dinner time so much fun!

Lucas & Bethany with our awesome waiter

Aaron holding Lucas so I could snap a picture of the lobster before he destroyed it.

Cozumel Mexico
November 15th 

Beach Activity

Lucas loved picking up the sand and dropping it

Aaron loved playing with Lucas in the ocean

Lucy got a couple cute new dresses

Ready..... get set.....


Lucas loves his daddy

November 16th
Last day on the Ship
Lucas dancing

His friend Bethany and him dancing

We saw 2 movies on the ship... Wreck it Ralph and Frankenweenie. Lucas did great sitting through the movies.

November 17th
Keeping Lucas entertained on the bus ride
John and Tiffany Harmon live in Texas so they put us up for the night. We had so much fun and Lucas loved playing with their daughter Makayla.
Makayla and Lucas chilling on the couch

I made it the whole trip wearing my ring and just happen to bump it opening a trunk on our way home and luckily found my diamond. Its all fixed now but it was so scary!

November 18th
Traveling HOME
Lucas was not feeling to good on the way home so he fell asleep right when taking off and in the middle of the flight woke up screaming and crying because his ears hurt. It was really sad and there was nothing that we could do for him.

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