Friday, February 21, 2014

Lucy Jean @ 12 months

* Started Crawling February 11th

* First Airplane ride Feb 6th
* First time to Disneyland
* Loves putting on necklaces
* Loves and smiles and people but just started getting a little stranger danger when people want to hold her
* Started drinking Whole Milk (has to be warm)
* Hates wearing bows 

Still thinks her brother Lucas is pretty cool
Bows are to wear not toys

Loves going down slides

Loves putting on Necklaces

Lucas playing in the dryer
Lucy's first flight and First time heading to Disneyland

Airplane ride

Welcome to Disneyland!
Princess Lucy

Walking right down the middle of main street!

Lucy loved the Carousal 
Disney Characters were a hit  with both kids

Dumbo Ride..... Pure Love

First Valentines Day

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The Sorenson's said...

Love seeing her grow! Lucy is adorable! Love Lucas's big grin in the dryer, he is too cute! Miss you guys, love checking out the blog to see your beautiful family!