Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hanging out with Jacob

Jacob, Aaron's brother was in town for spring break. He is currently living in Seattle getting his Master's degree in Comparative Religions at University of Washington. We let Jacob choose the place to eat and his date, Taylor choose this cute little restaurant in Salt Lake called Cedar of Lebanon. Jacob and Taylor met while attending the Near Eastern Studies program at BYU so they thought it would be fun to eat at a Middle Eastern cuisine. At first I was a little scared of what kind of place we were going to eat at but it ended up having really good food and entertainment. The entertainment was belly dancing and might I say that it was a little awkward. We were all enjoying dinner and talking and then a lady came in and started belly dancing. We didn’t know what to do so we kept talking and looking up occasionally. Once she realized that we weren’t going to slip her any money she slowly left. We had really enjoyable time hanging out with Taylor and Jacob and we hope we get to do it again soon.
Since we are being random with trying new places to eat we decided to take it up a notch and take off for the weekend to St George to warmer weather.

Oh, yes that is a hookah in the pictures with us!

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Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Sorry Aaron, I saw that you called and then completely spaced it... I am soo super busy with school I can't even function as a normal human being. By the way has Carissa forgotten to use the phone? hahaha..
Lets hang out soon.. we miss you guys!