Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Sand Hollow State Park

St George was a fun and relaxing weekend! We arrived on Friday night and stayed at the new hotel called the Hilton Garden Inn. It was really nice and clean, which is always a plus for me. Right when we got there we enjoyed the sun by going to the pool! Saturday morning we had such a good time, we went rollerblading and longboarding on a cute path along the Virgin River. The weather was so nice and beautiful so we took advantage of wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We went to the pool when we got back and laid around and read our books. Aaron took a break from reading schoolbooks and started reading For Whom the Bells Toll, and I finished up the last book of the Twilight serious, Eclipse. I think my favorite book out of all 3 was New Moon, which I know a lot of people did not like, but it kept me the most interested and intrigued. After laying out by the pool we went back to the room and I noticed that Aaron was a little pink, well a little more than pink, let me just say that he looked like a lobster. The sun didn’t feel like it was penetrating enough to leave a sunburn, but now we stand corrected. Aaron shoulders had not seen the sun all winter so when they did they sucked it all in. Even though Aaron was left in pain he was still grateful for the sun! Later that night we watch the Bucket List in our hotel room. We both thought it was a really cute show and would recommend it. On Sunday morning we went to Sand Hollow State Park. The water was to cold to go swimming so we went hiking around looking at all the beautiful scenery. We spent the rest of our time eating out, shopping and just relaxing on our weekend getaway.

We always stop in Scipio to pick up squeaky cheese

Aaron Longboarding in St George

Waiting to eat at Red Lobster
My favorite thing to do, Rollerblading


sullivans said...

Scipio! I always want Ryan to stop in Scipio and to get cheese too! But he thinks I'm a little nuts, I'll have to let him know it runs in the family!

Rob Dani Liam & Lance Henriksen said...

You make me crave the summer sun! You guys are always doing fun stuff!

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

I am so jealous... why weren't we invited??? I say next time you best be draggin us along! Miss you

Geoff and Morgan said...

Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! The pics remind me of our girls trip to St. George - remember how fun that was? I miss you!

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Oh boy, I am feel awful I don't even remember a call... life is so crazy, hard and horrible right now. 2 more weeks and I will be a different person. Thats if I survive school. I
Love you to the moon!

Julie and Jordan said...

It looks like you guys had a good time! Of course its okay you found our blog. We hadn't told that many people about it because when we started it no one around here had one. We should get together sometime and catch up. It has been a while.

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

One very important thing... My friend Tiff is dying for a date and I know you have some really cute guy friends that our still not attached. Would you be willing to provide them with a cute date? Names numbers, let me know. Plus, we need to hang out... School is a bitch right now so as soon as I am out lets play. We miss you guys like crazy.