Thursday, May 29, 2008


Aaron's Birthday weekend started on Friday. Aaron took the day off and picked me up at work around 1:00 pm to see the new Indiana Jones. We both really liked it (corny parts & all) and thought it was a great addition to the series. I took Aaron shopping to get some clothes at Express and some new shoes! Aaron looks really good in his new outfits!
We got up Saturday morning to go for a run and when Aaron was putting on his new running shoes he got from my parents I heard him scream. He hurried and looked at his foot and saw that a huge tack was pushed into his heal of his foot. He tried pulling in out himself, but it was barbed and stuck in pretty good. So he yelled for me and I had to pull the tack about an inch out of his heal. Come to find out that the tack that was in there was a part of the sensor that was left in there from the store. We could not believe that they would not remove the whole thing. Luckily it only hurt for a few minutes and then we went on our run. For breakfast we went to Kneaders. Aaron had gone there for work one time and kept talking about how delicious the French Toast was, so Justin & Aleisha came along to see if Aaron was telling the truth. After a yummy breakfast we were all tired so we went back to our house and took a nap. As you all know the weather was not very good on Saturday and we had planned to go to Raging Waters, but sadly it was freezing cold outside. We decided to go swimming inside at the new Bubble in Bountiful. The new Bubble is really big and has many fun things to do. We went off the diving board, swam in the lazy river, cruised down the water slide and soaked up in the steam room. We all had a really fun time!For dinner we went to Rodizio Grill a Brazilian steak house with my family. Aaron's favorite is the Brazilian lemonade and grilled pineapple!

To finish off the day we saw Iron Man at the Gateway. We really liked the movie and would definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it.


Rob Dani Liam & Lance Henriksen said...

Happy Birthday! That story about the tack in his shoe made me cringe! That is a fun birthday surprise! So do you have to be a past cheerleader to be invited to the "So you think you can dance" parties?

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Oh I am so sad I didn't even know!! I am sad we didn't get to do something to celebrate it (like kiss's birthday). When oh when can we play? It has been seriously a 100 years. So call us... I don't have phone anymore so its probably better to call Joe's phone. Miss you guys to the moon! Lots of love and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE AARON!

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

oh and I can't even believe it about the tack.... my feet hurt!