Monday, August 11, 2008

Les Miserables at Tuacahn

This weekend we traveled down to St George to see the play Les Miserables with our good friends Heather and Ryan. Ryan's grandparents have a house in St George and were nice to offer for us to stay with them. Heather and I are a lot alike in many ways, both of us like to plan and be very prepared for our vacation so needless to say we brought enough food to feed an army. A few things we have in common are……We both bought a ton of treats and snacks for us to eat, we both love to shop at the outlet malls, we both love ice drinks with straws, we both love potatoes cooked anyway, and we our both pretty easy going! Ryan and Aaron kept making fun of us on how we were so much alike.
Tuacahn put on such a good production, my Mom & Uncle Scott saw it last weekend and said it was pretty much as good as the Broadway production. It started at 8:30pm and went till midnight, the whole time it had to be in the upper eighties with no breeze (Tuacahn is an outdoor amphitheatre). I can't imagine how hot it must have been for the cast wearing their costumes and preforming. It's running through October so we would recommend seeing it to anyone that is interested. The weekend turn out to be way fun and relaxing which just what we needed!

The Girls

Hot Tubing

Tuacahn Theatre

Waiting to watch Les Mis

Eating at the Pizza Factory

Ryan, hiding behind the delicious bread sticks, and Heather


Ryan and Jackie Sullivan said...

What a fun trip! I love that you go and play so much, I live through your blog! Brady is due on September 19th. Soon I'll have fun pictures of him. My mom just got back for Texas so I hope to have pictures of Aileen's baby up soon too!

Geoff and Morgan said...

Kiss - looks like you guys had a good weekend in St. George. Don't you love Les Mis? It's awesome! Hope you're enjoying the last few weeks of summer - I miss you!