Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack Johnson

4 years ago Aaron and I fell in love and went on our first date to the Jack Johnson concert at Usana Amphitheatre. Whenever I hear a Jack Johnson song playing it reminds me of Aaron and brings back such wonderful memories of how we met. On Monday we went to see Jack perform with Neil Halstead and Rogue Wave. Aaron and I wanted to make sure we got there early so we could get good seats. We arrived at about 1:30 pm and where the first in line for our section. We had brought books and our IPods to pass the time until the doors opened at 5:00 pm. The time actually passed quickly the only thing that started to get to us was the HEAT. As soon as they let us in at 5:00 pm we got front row seats that were right in the middle. The pit was the only thing in front of us so we were safe to say that no hippy dancers would be in our way of seeing the stage. Right after Aaron went to get us two big ice drinks that we gulp down, needless to say we spent about $20 on drinks until the sun went down and we stopped sweating. Jack put on an AMAZING show along with his piano player Zach Gill. This was by far the best show that we had seen in along time. In the middle of the show Zach got his accordion out and started playing the "Devil went down to Bavaria"(The Bavarian accordion version of the devil went down to Georgia) which was a fun & hilarious. Also, Jack started to play "Wasting Time" and then got all flustered with the words and started laughing and had to stop. We found out that someone up in front that yelled "I want my wife to carry your baby" and the comment threw him off and so he had to start over. It was actually pretty funny! On the way home we kept talking about what a great show it was and how during the whole show we could not stop smiling and enjoying the music. I'm so glad we got to see Jack perform again.

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Ryan and Jackie Sullivan said...

How fun that you have a good band to go see that reminds you of your hubby!