Monday, September 29, 2008

Aleisha's Growing up

Aleisha is growing up so fast, she is a senior this year at Woods Cross High and going to be turning 18 in a couple weeks. Woods Cross High School is known for their drama department and this year they are putting on the play Beauty and the Beast. Aleisha was so excited when she made the part of Babette (AKA the Feather Duster). This year the play will be in February instead of November. We are all very excited to see it!

Just this last Saturday Aleisha went to the homecoming dance with Kyle Larson. I love my sister and hope she enjoys her Senior year of High School!


Ryan and Jackie Sullivan said...

18?! She's really 18? That's crazy because that means you and I are 26 and that's just nuts! She looks amazing!

Joe and Kenzie Graham said...

Really my hair is cute.... why thank you. That is a huge comment coming from a hair dresser with darling hair! Hows life? Are we going to make it to a haunted house or corn field this month? Love you!