Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas in Maui

Our Hawaiian vacation started out with some positive news the night before we left on our vacation. We found out that we were pregnant! Just to make sure that I didn’t take the test wrong I confirmed it with taking two test and sure enough… POSITIVE!!! Aaron and I were very excited and can’t wait to welcome baby Rennaker in August. We told my parents when they arrived in Hawaii on Saturday December 19th. We had them open a book and told them it was an early Christmas present to get the vacation started off. My mom opened it and the book read “The Gift of Being GRAND” at first they didn’t understand but then in small print it read “for Grandparents everywhere”! They all started screaming and were so excited for us! Aaron couldn't wait to tell him family in person so we called them from Hawaii to tell them the news.

Aaron and I were able to go to Hawaii 2 days earlier than my family to make our vacation last as long as possible. We were able to enjoy a Kayak/Snorkeling excursion on Friday morning December 18th, I only threw up once when we were snorkeling. I think the salt water and the waves got to me. We had so much fun and we met some really nice people on the excursion.

Aaron Snorkeling

I'm giving a thumbs up

We loved Kayaking

Okay I’m not going to go in order of events that happened in Maui because everyone knows what a pain it is to load pictures and move them. One of my favorite days we had was riding around the island on scooters. On Wednesday December 23, 2009 we rented scooters for 6 hours and rode them all over the west & northwest coast of Maui. Since we had such a large group they offered us a guide so that he could take us to a place where we were not allowed to go by ourselves. He was a pretty cool cracked up guy named Corky. He had his mouth wired shut because someone with brass knuckles punched him and broke his jaw. Apparently for no reason at all but I don’t think we were getting the full story!

Our cousin's JC and Austin joined our fun!

I got the cute pink scooter!

The road to the best Banana Nut Bread stand

We all bought stuff at the Banana Nut bread Stand

Mama Kim on her Hot Red Scooter

The love ROCK!

The Blow Hole

We were so blessed with so many days of sunshine. We got to play in the ocean a lot. Aaron, Justin and JC went Skim boarding. It was fun to watch them and see them try to perfect their moves!

Aaron is trying to get the hang of it, he got pretty good after he played on it for awhile.

Justin caught in the action, what a stud.

That same day we got to play in the ocean on our tubes and catch the waves.

Domino's aka DUMB DOTS are a must on our trip, this was one of many rounds of Domino's that we played.

I seriously can not count how many times we ate at Leilani's we must have eaten there at least four or five times. They have the best fish taco's that me and Aleisha would share and then for dessert... can you say Hula Pie! So freak'n good!

Aaron and I found this awesome running trail about a mile from our Hotel. The trail took us right by the ocean and the views were amazing!

This cute Kayak were at the beginning of our run, I just LOVE Hawaii!

The Love rock!

On Saturday December 19th Aaron and I were kind of homeless for a bit until my parents arrived in Maui. We checked out of our hotel at 12:00 pm and left our luggage with the front desk and headed for the beach. My family was not going to be arriving there until about 6:00 pm so we just hung out at the beach and Swimming pool until they came to pick us up. Aaron rented a boogie board and played in the water. I was just happy to be taking pictures and seating on the beach.

This was right outside of our hotel room at Napali Shores. We got to enjoy breakfast every morning outside with the birds!

Friday December 18th

We went on a lot of adventures and exploring which was so much fun! I bought a new camera back in September and was excited to use it.

oh Maui Pineapple.... The best refreshment!

Saturday December 19th

It was so AWESOME to be able to see surfers right outside of our hotel. Aaron and I watched them for a hour or so and I had fun taking there pictures! I took like 50 pictures of just the surfers but I will only post a few :)

December 25th - Christmas Day!

Kim making us a delicious Breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon and yummy Maui Pineapple.

Aaron playing with Evie on Christmas morning. (singing her "peanut butter jelly time") He is going to be a good dad!

Aaron and I went on a walk on the beach Christmas morning

December 24th - Christmas Eve

The Hardy's and Robins family went to good old Cheese Burger in Paradise on Christmas Eve. It was fun because they had a live band playing while we enjoyed our food!

December 21st

Monday was a very fun and long day! We decided to drive the Road to Hana and make a full day of it! We left the house about 6:00 am in the morning so we would beat the tour buses on this cruvey small road. My mom drove us and did such a good job by the end of the day she was driving like a native (or Aaron on a normal day).

This was at the end our day we stopped at a garden exhibit and walked around.

There was these interesting ducks walking around

A peocock

By the end of the day we were all kinda done. It was a full fun filled 12 hour day.
The first thing we did is drove all the way to the sacred falls and did a few hikes.

Aaron even found a walking stick. (or as he called it his bow staff)

Aleisha Lou
Mom and Dad
The Family

Rocks that we found on the beach
It was so fun to watch the sunrise! It was so beautiful to just look at and enjoy!

December 26th

Whale Watching

It has become a tradition every year to do a Whale Watching excursion with the Sellers. Seriously this is one of my favorite things to do. It amazing to see these big amazing creaters come up so close to the boat.

My cute husband enjoying the sun

Oh brother, how come you are so studly?

Waiting to get on our boat for the whale watching

Whitney, Becca and Josh (Sellers)

It so fun to see dolphines swimming out in the middle of the ocean. We saw this big group of them just in joying the day in the sun. Its almost like they were being released at the right moment, it was so perfect!

Look how big this whale is just chilling by our boat!

Tuesday December 22nd

Tubing out in the ocean!

This was the best!!!! We had no idea this huge wave was coming up behind us we were all focused on waving at Kim to take our picture and then....

The wave started to break....

and then this was us getting turned over in the Maui ocean....SO FUN!


Three Peas in a Pod said...

I love it, your pictures turned out so cute and it makes me so sad that its over. Will you send me that picture of Aaron and Evie... its so stinkin cute! Love you... whens the next time we get to play, we miss you already?

Erin said...

So jealous!! Sounds like so much fun! And congrats on the little one!!

Geoff and Morgan said...

Glad you had such a good time and that you were in such a fun place to announce your big news. We love you guys!

Josh and Becca said...

Oh my goodness Carissa! Love all the pictures. You got some GREAT ones on the whale watch. Wow. If you have time would you email me some. I tried to get them off your blog here, but they turn out grainy. It's You're the best. Thanks!

Brooke Zes said...

jealous!!!! i love the pictures of the wave sequence that's funny and all the whales and dolphins! Looks like an amazing trip!

Brittany said...

Oh, take me there!

Danny & Lindsay said...

aaaahhhh............ I love Maui! We were in Kauai from the 13-21st. We LOVE the fish tacos and hula pie from Leilani's. There's a place in here in Malibu and Huntington beach that have it too :)