Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday in VEGAS!

My Birthday started out with my favorite flowers arriving to my work on Tuesday! Aaron surprised me and wrote a really cute message....

This year we found some great flights to Vegas and it happen to fall over my BIRTHDAY weekend! LUCKY ME! We also found this great deal for the NEW Planet Hollywood Towers. Our room was amazing!

We definitely ate a lot of good food the whole trip! We tried out this Hot dog place called PINKS. They said it was popular in LA and they just opened up this one in August! The hot dogs and fires were really good.

And of course we ate ice cream. Aaron favorite treat!

Aaron was so good to me on my Birthday morning he ordered me room service. I have never had room service before so I was pretty excited! My Favorite thing to eat for breakfast is hash browns and a ham and cheese omelet oh and we cant forget the Dt Coke!

Our view was so amazing so it was fun to eat in our room

For lunch we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, I have been craving these macaroni cheese balls that we got last time. They were so good!

My Cousin Kenzie and her husband Joe just happen to be going down to Vegas on the same weekend as us, so we met up a couple times. Kenzie recommend us to a Mexican restaurant called Cozymels for my Birthday dinner. It was really good food, our waiter even made fresh guacamole for our table!

I has hoping i would get to wear a sombrero hat and have them sing to me but all I got was a dessert which was just fine by me!

Aaron and I shared fajitas

On Sunday we had the perfect day! For some reason everything was just working out to our advantage. We started by Shopping down and the outlets and found some good deals, then we went and saw When in Rome which I loved it and thought was so funny! When the movie got over we ran over to the Mirage to go see the baby white tigers. I thought I remember reading the the cubs would only be there until about 3:30 pm. We ran through the Mirage lobby hurrying to the exhibit and arrived there at 3:31 pm. Aaron first words that came out of his mouth to the guy we pay to get in was.... DID WE MISS THE BABY WHITE TIGERS? He said that they would NOT be out but the adult tigers would so we went in anyways and to our surprise the baby Tigers were still out playing so we got to see them. YAH!

Seating in the movie Theatre waiting for When in Rome to start!

The Start of the White Tigers

We saw Dolphins

They even jumped in the air

This White Tiger was stalking a security guard and following him. He did not take his eyes off him the whole time.

A leopard

Can you see the lions in this picture?

Here he is!!!

Baby Tigers Cubs

They were just playing with each other like dogs, it was so cute!

After they wrestled for awhile they just chilled


The Sevy's said...

You guys always do such fun stuff!! Happy Late birthday!

Three Peas in a Pod said...

I love you and all but PLEASE take that picture off of me. Your a gem... thanks.

Three Peas in a Pod said...

seriously last warning take that picture of please for the love of that is holy!!

Carissa said...

Kenzie, I took off the picture but for real you looked beautiful. I would not have posted it if i didnt think you looked cute. But i will respect your wishes and remove it.