Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My cute friend Kelly Samson gave me this beautiful expecting mothers necklace. It was kind of a funny story because I just happen to log onto her etsy website and saw this necklace and showed Aaron how cute it was. With our 5 year anniversary on the way Aaron jumped on the wagon and decided that he would order it for me. I didn’t know he had ordered it until I got this text from Kelly asking me why I was paying for the necklace that it was a gift. Me being confused text back and told her I didn’t know what she was talking about. Long story short she had mailed me the necklace as a gift and told me that I was the inspiration to this piece of Jewelry she created. I ran home at lunch and got if from my mailbox and opened it. I really got so emotional for many reasons:
1. It was so beautiful and thoughtful
2. I started to think of my little baby on the way
3. What a good friend of Kelly to think of me and to send it to me as a gift
4. I’m pregnant and emotional :)
The necklace has my little baby’s birthstone in the middle, Peridot which is a yellow green for the month of August. I put the necklace on last Tuesday and have worn it every day since. I just love it and it goes with all of my outfits.
Kelly is so amazing and talented with all of her Jewelry please take a look at her Etsy account and see all of the beautiful stuff she makes.
Sadly Aaron gift was ruined and now he has to go back to the drawing board and find another gift for me for our anniversary. I told him diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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Brooke Zes said...

that is so pretty i love that it has your babies birth stone in it! I guess poor aaron will have to come up with a new idea for the anniversary.