Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friends BABY Shower

I have such amazing friends that threw me a gorgeous baby shower on June 5th. The shower started at 10:00 am so we had a brunch served with crapes, hash browns, muffins and other yummy brunch food. My good friends Heather and Brittany hosted and put the whole shower together. The shower was perfect with food, friends, and decorations!

The Candy Bar Everyone got a recipe for animal crackers and a cute cookie cutter

The Hosts Brittany and Heather Britt, cooking up some crapes
I really do appreciate my friend so much!
Carly, Lyndie, Danielle and April Brittany and Jan (her mom) made me this beautiful quilt for my little guy
My Sister put a lot of thought into her gift. She worked at Robintinos for several months and noticed that the baby seats were not cleaned very well after people would use them. She thought of the perfect gift that would benefit my baby boy a cover that goes right over the top of the baby seat. What a clever product!
My mom got him a shark swimsuit

Carly made me this awesome diaper cake made with oneies, washcloths and diapers!

Katie just got off a night shift and was so tired but was such a good friend and made sure to stop by.

Angie my old neighbor that moved to Park City came down with her daughter Jessica to the shower.


Geoff and Morgan said...

Looks fun! If it had only been 1 week later, I would have been able to come! Glad you got spoiled!

R.D.L.L said...

I had such a great time at your shower! Brittany and Heather pulled off the most amazing party, they were such great hosts. I felt like I left with more than I brought to the party - especially since I won the Biolage shampoo - which Rob has stolen from me. It was so fun to see everyone!

Amy said...

I feel horrible I missed such a fun time without even telling you I wouldn't be able to make it...what a friend. Anyways, I dropped a present off at my mom's house for you this past weekend because we stopped through for Nate's brothers wedding. I am hoping that somehow it makes its way to you. I love you and wish I could have been there seriously. Everyone looks so good - you small. Can't wait for this little boy to come. By the way love the nursery soooo cute.

Kami & Andy said...

Oh! Looks like fun! I am sad I missed it. Hopefully, I will see you in the next week to give you your present. You look great by the way!