Monday, June 28, 2010

The HARDY shower!!!

My cute cousin Kenzie threw me a Hardy shower on June 19th at her home in Farmington. She decorated her home so cute with the colors blue and orange. My two aunts helped her set up Carmen and Melissa and were so cutely dressed in blue aprons. I'm so loved by my family and I'm so grateful for all they do for me.

The hosts, Carmen, Kenzie and Melissa

The Candy bar
This is what we are going to name him... Lucas Matthew Rennaker (Matthew is Aaron's Middle name)
Kenzie Decorated it so cute!
Every party has got to have food!
My cute Aunt Melissa let me pick out my present she got me off Etsy, little boys leggings. I think my favorite is the SKULL ones.

Kenzie made me this beautiful quilt and Carmen got me a baby monitor.

Grandma Hardy got me a diaper pail that I'm actually really excited about. Things that make me happy at this point in my life..... somewhere to put dirty diapers!!!

Grandma Carmen with little Genevieve

My mom was the host of BABY Feud... Isn't her jacket awesome? We picked that up at DI on the way to the party!
Aleisha was the beautiful assistance

Treasa and Barbara getting ready to ring that buzzer.

Chris and Grandma - Grandma surprised us all and rang the buzzer first with her swift hand.

Team 1

Team 2 (they won)

The lovely Assistant Aleisha

I love my Sister and Mom they are the best!

Grandma playing with little Genevieve

Thanks Kenzie for giving me such a great baby shower and to everyone that came thanks so much it really meant so much. I love my family!!!

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