Sunday, July 3, 2011

Green River Rafting Trip


The Robins family headed on another adventure on July 1st (Justin's Birthday) do a river run on the Green River through Flaming Gorge. It was suppose to be a float down the river but lucky for us the water was so high and fast moving there was some pretty good rapids. The water was a cold 47 degrees but it was so fun to hit the rapids even if it took our breath away. The sun was shinning so we stayed pretty warm. Aaron got a major sunburn because I sprayed the sunscreen on him and I guess I did a crappy job. Sorry Aaron I promise to do better next time.
Aaron, Carissa, Aleisha, Brian, Kim Jessica & Birthday boy Justin

We look bad ace, don't we?
Mom was the guides helper to make sure he told us everything in case we fell in the water.

Aleisha washing her hands right before lunch

Lunch Time!

Happy 25th Birthday Justin!

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