Monday, July 25, 2011


We went up to Spokane Washington to visit Aaron's parents in July. Lucas had not seen his grandparents since he was 3 weeks old so he was very excited!
One of the main reason we went up to Washington was to spend time with Lucas Grandparents and Great Grandparents.

Lucas with Great Grandma & Grandpa Godfrey

Grandma Brenda feeding Lucas his bottle

Aaron, Lucas, Great Grandpa Rennaker, and Grandpa Mike
Great Grandma Rennaker with Lucas
There was a new splash pad/fun park right next to the Rennaker's home. Lucas had fun jumping on the tramp, going down the slide, watching the water on the splash pad and of course his favorite Swinging.

Aunt Bethany was working at the Girls Scout of America on Lake Coeur d'alene. We all went up on Friday to visit her.

Lucas tried on Beth unicorn hat and look so cute.
Our family
Aaron, Lucas, Grandpa Mike, Grandma Brenda, and Aunt Beth
Daddy giving Lucas a piggy back ride.
Chilling on the hammock

Lucas first time eating Cheerios

Lucas fell asleep right after take off thank goodness, he was a little crazy man right up until he crashed for being over tired. He loves his blanket in his face that is how he always falls asleep.

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Mike and Alexis said...

Awh, I bet they were so happy to see him :).