Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last two 200 section Jack seats!!!

Saturday morning I left class at about 9:55am on a mission to get to the closest Smiths grocery store to purchase Jack Johnson tickets. Tickets went on sale at 10am for Jack's concert at Usana Amphitheatre on August 18th. I got to the Smiths at about 10:06am and there was a line to get tickets. I waited about 20 minutes till it was my turn and I asked for the GA 200 seats. (Basically there are four sections: the Pit which is standing up front, 200 seats are the closest seats, 300 seats which are further back and then behind those seats in of the amphitheater is the lawn, from my experience this is usually were hippies gather and noodle dance and pollute our not so clean Utah air with their hippy funk) I was aiming for the 200 seats because it's nice to sit during the opening acts and stand for Jack. Anyways when I got up to the lady I asked for the two hundred level tickets and she said they were all gone, all that were left were 300 seats and lawn. Right when she was saying that she said, ''hey, I just had some 200 level seats open up!" So I grabbed them and later I got online to see what was available and all the 200 level seats and pit were sold out! I'm pretty excited, I should have assumed that they would have sold out so quick, Jack is huge now. I remember seeing Jack open for Ben Harper back in 2001.. The first time I saw him I thought he was okay, but later that year I saw him in Utah at the Delta Center with Ben and I thought he was good but I didn't anticipate him getting this popular. I can see how his music can appeal to people with different musical tastes and different age groups. I was hoping that Mason Jennings and G. Love would be opening for him, I saw that they are opening for him on his European tour and that would have been ideal, but Rogue Wave and Neil Halstead are opening for him. Carissa and I were considering going to Sasquatch Festival up at the Gorge in WA. I love the Gorge, it has the most incredible views of the Columbia River Basin

Here's another pic of the Gorge..

Hey this is when I saw Jack Johnson at the Gorge a couple years ago..

I miss Washington but I've been able to find the things that I love about Utah. I've enjoyed our canoe and rafting trips on the Colorado River - Kenz I'm trying to talk your Dad & Scott into setting something up this summer ;-) Hunting up Nine Mile Canyon was fun, Zions, Moab & Goblin Valley were great trips, we want to do Bryce Canyon for sure this year. 

One more thing, so I went with Carissa's brother Justin to Guitar Center were he purchased his first guitar! He knows some chords and some songs and I think he'll really pick it up fast. A man needs a guitar, or two. I did my usual drool session over the Breedlove acoustics. Martin & Gibson's are great, but I really love what breedlove has done. If you want to check out their instruments here's a link.  Soon enough I'll be jamming on my own. Well I'm off to bed, goodnight!

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sullivans said...

The Gorge is one of the best places in the world to see a show. The summer of 2003 we took a rode trip up there for the warped tour. It was awesome!